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Monica Brant. Deadlift. Thong

1998 Fitness Olympia champion and now figure icon Monica Brant shown below in a retro video deadlifting 135lbs.

Is a thong practical workout gear? I think not, but with a booty like Monica’s you can get away with it…

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

One of the best exercises for the hamstrings. Also can be the one of the best exercises to watch ladies do at the gym:

– Stand with a shoulder width or narrower stance. Grasp dumbbells to each side.
– With knees straight, lower dumbbells or barbell by bending hips until hamstrings are tight, or just before lower back bends.
– Lift the dumbbells by extending hips until straight.
– Pull shoulders back slightly at top of lift if rounded.
– Repeat for as many reps as you plan.

Demo photo:


Better demo photo:



Strange Deadlift Sequence

I’m really not sure to make of this? It’s just seems, well, strange.

Tazzie Colomb Deadlifts 525lbs

Tazzie Colomb deadlifts 525lbs for a rep…some serious pounds! Tazzie, in addition to being a pro bodybuilder is also a very successful powerlifter.

Tazzie’s Best Lifts
– Squat: 270 for 61 reps
– Bench 315 for 5 reps
– Curl 135 for 6 reps
– Once in competition Tazzie set a personal record of squatting 270lbs for 61 reps

Straight Leg Deadlifts

- Stand with a shoulder width or narrower stance
– Grasp barbell with a shoulder width overhand or mixed grip, shoulder width or slightly wider
– Lower bar to the top of the feet by extending hips backwards
– Bend the knees slightly during the descent and keep waist straight
– Contract hams/glutes and return to standing position.
– Repeat.

image via shemuscleraw.com