Vampirella: The Original is BACK

Before all the Vampire craze and prime-time favorites, there was Vampirella. Centered around a vampire heroine, Vampirella first saw print in 1969 in black and white and has seen wide spread publication. It was also spun into a film which was showcased on Showtime Networks in 1996. Now the super strong, super sexy heroine has been acquired from Harris […]

Iron Sirens Comic Book Series

Iron Sirens is comic book series which is the brainchild of J.M. Manion, and is now available in comic book stores and online. Originally entitled Project Diva: Trinity the comics were centered around former IFBB pro fitness champions Susie Curry, Adela Garcia and Jenny Worth, but have changed direction since. Image via fitness divas where […]

Moonwarrior Muscle Art

Moonwarrier is a blog that features a collection of artwork by Mikazuki, and includes muscular and strong women. Mikazuki is a Thai female digital artist, who has lived in Australia most her life. She has over 20 pages of artwork up, and some pieces really are excellent, the two sample images of hers below are […]

Surreal Muscle: Japanese Anime

Stepping into the virtual world with a anime muscle video. The character tranforms herself into hyper muscular [in all of 15 secs no less], apparently in her quest to become a better fighters. I assume this is Japanese anime, if not I have just made a gigantic ass of myself by incorrectly titling this post. […]

Digital Muscle

A piece of digital artwork by Deviantart member ‘hotrod5′. He says he got the idea of the pose from a gym flyer. Looks so simple, but is obviously a very skilled lifelike rendition of the female muscular form. Click the link to check out some more of his artwork.