Canadian female bodybuilders

2009 Canadian Bodybuilding Championships

The 2009 Canadian CBBF National Bodybuilding Championships were held on Aug 22, one week after the 2009 Canadian Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships. Lyris Capelle (pictured below) won the overall and an IFBB pro card. Photo by Gene X Hwang Full results of the entire show available here, and photos here.

2009 Canadian Nationals: New Pros

The CBBF Canadian National Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships was held on August 15 and produced a variety of new pros of all divisions. The new figure pros are Aleisha Hart, Kim Tilden and Ginette Delhaes – pictured below. Veteran fitness competitor Sylvia Tremblay, the 2009 Arnold Amateur fitness Champion, won a well deserved pro […]

Youtube member "Hardcorebody"

“Female amateur “lightweight” bodybuilder from Ontario Canada. I’m working on setting up a domain but for now I am here on youtube.. hope you enjoy my flexing/posing practice. I am conditioning to optimally control & manipulate the muscle fibers (striations). I’ll be adding some gym training video, my routine at some point & hopefully some […]