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Malibu the Million Dollar Baby American Gladiator is on FemaleMuscle Talk Ext. 398


Call Malibu @ Ext. 398 Now: 313-263-3935 AND New Lowest Rate 214-446-1459 (only $3.50 per minute)

Call Malibu now at Extension 398  313-263-3935 AND New Lowest Rate 214-446-1459 (only $3.50 per minute)

Call Malibu now at Extension 398 313-263-3935 AND New Lowest Rate 214-446-1459 (only $3.50 per minute)

Malibu the American Gladiator/Wrestler/Movie Star

Hair: Long/Blonde Height: 5’8”

Measurements: 38-29-39 Weight: 151


Marley and Me

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Female Bodybuilder Stacey Bentley Updated

bentleylyon_27Stacey Bentley (born 1958) (last on right) (Lisa Lyon second from right) is a registered nurse and former professional female bodybuilder of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Along with Claudia Wilbourn and Rachel McLish, Bentley was among the first role models of bodybuilding for women and the benefits that it can bring to them.


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Christina Prinn Wrestler And Strongwoman Biography

Christina Prinn, 45-years-old, started training when she was only 9-years-old with her brother. She began training seriously when she was 17-years-old and saw immediate, substantial results. Her 5’7″ frame ranges from 185-220 lbs. She began wrestling at 19-years-old and has been successful in a variety of areas within the sport and as a strong-woman.

Best Lifts:

  • tri cable pushdowns 250-300 lbs x 6
  • seated calf raise stack on knees 900 lbs x 10-12
  • wrist curls 225 lbs x 8-10
  • dumbbell row 200 lbs x 6
  • dumbbell shoulder press 120 lbs x 2
  • dumbbell benchpress 170 lbs x 2
  • lat pulldown 300 lbs x 3
  • dumbbell single front raise 100 lbs x 10
  • lateral raise 70 lbs
  • barbell rows 315 lbs
  • dumbbell pullovers 150 lbs
  • upright rows 150 lbs
  • shrugs 800 lbs
  • weighted dips 200 lbs
  • dumbbell french press 200 lbs
  • shoulder press 315 lbs
  • dumbbell concentration curl 100 lbs
  • preacher curls 225 lbs
  • close grip bench 400 lbs
  • bench press 425 lbs and half press 500+ lbs
  • legpress 1800 lbs
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Christine Envall Gallery

Christine Envall, everything an IFBB Bodybuilding Pro should be…muscular, ripped and developed!

STAR SIGN: Sagittarius
MARITAL STATUS: Happily married to Troy for nearly 10 years
OCCUPATION: Professional athlete & Technical Product Manager for International Health Investments
QUALIFICATIONS: B. Sc. (Hons) Food Science & Technology
SPONSORS: International Protein
TRAINS AT: Empire Fitness Centre
MOTTO: If it were easy, everyone would be a World Champion!
FAVOURITE MALE BODYBUILDER: Lee Priest (I have a picture of him on my fridge for inspiration!)
FAVOURITE DIET FOOD: Oats cooked and mixed with International Protein “Protein Synergy 5″ in Chocolate Truffle flavour (sorry coffee, just don’t compare!)
FAVOURITE ‘JUNK’ FOOD: Ice-cream; any flavour but love Cookies ‘n Cream and Praline’s n Cream or anything flavoured with coffee. Baskin & Robbins is presently my favourite brand.
FAVOURITE EXERCISE: Pullovers at the moment.
SHORT TERM GOAL: To entertain with my physique when I compete.

53 Amazing Photos of Christine Envall Below

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Anja Langer Female Bodybuilder Biography

Anja Langer started competing in the bodybuilding at 18-years-old in secret. Her parents weren’t supportive of the sport, but her heart was set. Her dedication and effort brought her fourth in the German Championship in 1983 and in the World Champion in Australia in 1985. She went on to win the German as well as the European Championships in 1986. In 1987, she placed second in the IFBB Pro World Championship. Anja took second place in the 1988 Ms. Olympia. She was aiming to take first in the 1990 Olympia, but pregnancy prohibited her from putting enough attention on her training. However, Anja has been active in the industry all through the 90’s and into 2000.

  • Born: June 1965
  • Grew Up: South Germany
  • Childhood Sports: Gymnastics, diving and jazz dance
  • Started Weight Training: Age 15
  • Degree: Graphic Art

Elite Fitness Trainer: Rene Marven

Growing up I played Soccer and Softball, but as I got older I was more involved in gymnastics and cheerleading. When I was in 8th grade I tried out for All Star cheerleading and made it as one of the youngest on the squad! That same year, I also made the High school gymnastics team. The practices never overlapped which made me able to participate in both simultaneously!  Throughout High School I was a cheerleader in a very competitive program, we competed all over the US, even at Nationals in Dallas TX. After HS I was involved in the program in a variety of ways… I volunteered 1 season as the team conditioning coach. Another season I worked as one of the choreographers for their competition routine.

Click this link for more on Rene Marven and Gallery

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Female Bodybuilder Pavla Brantalova Biography

Pavla BrantalovaPavla Brantalova is a female bodybuilder born in the Czech Republic in 1977. She achieved acclaim in bodybuilding circles by competing successfully at the international level. Brantalova won the lightweight division at the European Bodybuilding Championship in 1998. She placed third in the lightweight division at the 1998 IFBB World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships and second in the lightweight division at the 1999 Jan Tana Classic. She competed at a weight ranging from 115-125 pounds at a height of 5’3″ and was known for a physique that was particularly well-developed for someone of her age. At a weight of 125 pounds, Brantalova was able to bench press 180 pounds for eight repetitions.

In addition to bodybuilding, Brantalova has used her muscular physique and strength to pursue a career in submission style wrestling in which she wrestled against female and even male opponents. She was a small but surprisingly strong wrestler. AmazOns.com has described her as being “amazingly, freakishly powerful.” She made several wrestling videos and also worked as a session wrestler. Brantalova has retired from both bodybuilding and wrestling and now works as a nurse in California.

Christine Envall Biography

Christine Envall, IFBB pro, has not competed recently, however, she’s considering an IFBB comeback.  We completely support and encourage this female titan of the industry to grace us with her return.  Check out her website.

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