Christina Prinn Wrestler And Strongwoman Biography

Christina Prinn, 45-years-old, started training when she was only 9-years-old with her brother. She began training seriously when she was 17-years-old and saw immediate, substantial results. Her 5’7″ frame ranges from 185-220 lbs. She began wrestling at 19-years-old and has been successful in a variety of areas within the sport and as a strong-woman. Best […]

Christine Envall Gallery

Christine Envall, everything an IFBB Bodybuilding Pro should be…muscular, ripped and developed! STAR SIGN: Sagittarius MARITAL STATUS: Happily married to Troy for nearly 10 years OCCUPATION: Professional athlete & Technical Product Manager for International Health Investments QUALIFICATIONS: B. Sc. (Hons) Food Science & Technology SPONSORS: International Protein YEARS TRAINING: 17 TRAINS AT: Empire Fitness Centre […]

Anja Langer Female Bodybuilder Biography

Anja Langer started competing in the bodybuilding at 18-years-old in secret. Her parents weren’t supportive of the sport, but her heart was set. Her dedication and effort brought her fourth in the German Championship in 1983 and in the World Champion in Australia in 1985. She went on to win the German as well as the European Championships in 1986. In […]

Female Bodybuilder Pavla Brantalova Biography

Pavla Brantalova is a female bodybuilder born in the Czech Republic in 1977. She achieved acclaim in bodybuilding circles by competing successfully at the international level. Brantalova won the lightweight division at the European Bodybuilding Championship in 1998. She placed third in the lightweight division at the 1998 IFBB World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships and second […]

Christine Envall Biography

Christine Envall, IFBB pro, has not competed recently, however, she’s considering an IFBB comeback.  We completely support and encourage this female titan of the industry to grace us with her return.  Check out her website. Height: 5’3″ Contest Weight: 160-165 lbs Off-Season Weight: 190+ lbs Measurements: (at 180 lbs) Biceps: 16″ Calves: 17.5″ Upper Quads: […]

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder: Melissa Dettwiller

Melissa Dettwiller is a fan favorite and a site favorite…She more of her on SheMuscleRaw. Personal Facts: Birth Place: New Orleans Currently living in: Las Vegas Favorite Body Part To Train: Legs Birthday: November 12 Favorite color: Pink Pets: 4 dogs & 2 cats Something you wouldn’t know about me: I love to collect cast […]

Arnold Classic 2005 Vintage- Good Luck this week to all at Arnold 2011!!!

BODYBUILDING, FITNESS, FIGURE WOMEN Results for Women Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure CLICK HERE First Gallery of Women Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure (450) CLICK HERE Kim Klein Fitness Third Place #1) Stacy Hylton Fitness Fifth Place (#2) Mindi O’Brien Fitness Tenth Place (#3) Kirsten Nicewarner Fitness Twelfth Place (#4) Kelly Ryan Fitness Fourth Place (#5) Jen […]

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