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Asian Muscle Babes

Asianmusclebabe’s Flickr photostream has well over 75 photos of some of the best Asian female bodybuilders and figure competitors including Xin Li Cao, Mah-ann Mendoza, Brenda Raganot, Krissy Chin, Tomoko Kanda, Rebekah Kresila.


More Retro Female Muscle

From the archives of FemaleMuscle, we are striving to bring online more and more of our enormous inventory of female bodybuilding photography.

Strength Feats: Buns of Steel

Yes, it is possible to break forks and chopsticks with your butt. Video proof below:

Rowena Marcaida wins NABBA Asia Pacific Champs

From Gofigure.co.nz comes the news that the NABBA Asia Pacific Championships were held this past weekend in New Zealand and included competitors from the Oceanic and Asian regions including New Zealand, Philippines and India. Rowena Marcaida from the Philippines won the womens bodybuilding overall.




images via gofigure.co.nz click link for more photos.

And a video of Rowena posing [not at this show, at another event]

Kimono Armwrestling

I can’t decide whether this is cute or slightly creepy…watch and decide for yourself:

Mi-Hee Yu

A slightly different style routine from South Korean bodybuilder Mi-Hee Yu incorporating feathered fans in 2008. I’m not keen on the boots, but the fans are a nice touch.

A little about Mi-Hee from the asianfitnessblog:

Ms Yu began as an aerobics instructor at the age of 20, but after giving birth to two children, she wanted to lose some weight. Currently weighing 51 kg at 157 cm tall, Ms Yu told the Weekly Chosun that she decided she has to change when she weighed 80 kg after the birth of her daughter 12 years ago.

Choosing to be a female bodybuilder in Korea is not an easy path. For example, the Korean public still sees the bodybuilder’s physique as undesirable. Ms Yu mentioned in the JoongAng Daily article: “It’s fine if they have their opinions about my body but the comments are often so ignorant and vulgar.” Additionally, financial support is also an issue. Female bodybuilders are not yet members of the Korean National Athletic Meet, meaning awards given during national and regional competitions are not compensated. Male bodybuilders, on the other hand, are National Meet members. In the Weekly Chosun, Ms Yu explains that Male bodybuilders can even qualify for unemployment benefits, but not the females.

Seems the anti-female bias in female bodybuilding is actually worse in Korea then in the USA, with males being allowed to be meet members and qualify for benefits but not females – that more smacks of outright discrimination to me personally.

Jung Young Ji

Jung Young Ji may not be too well known a name in Western circles, but the South Korean bodybuilder is one of the top female bodybuilders in Asia.

image via thaibody

She competes at around 128lbs, and won the heavyweight class of the 2007 IFBB Asian Amateur Championships…


Kick Ass!

Not the greatest quality video, but watch it anyway as it’s a great fight scene featuring a female bodybuilder…

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