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Cristiana Casoni Pre-Arnold Photo Shoot Video

Cristiana Casoni Pre-Arnold Photo Shoot Video

IFBB Pro Figure Cristiana Casoni looks amazing in this photo shoot earlier this month. She looks primed and ready for the big stage in Columbus on Friday! Stay tuned to Female Muscle to see if she keeps the same cool, confident composure she does in this shoot!

Valentina Chepiga…Women Over 40

Here is a clip from the TV documentary special “WOMEN OVER 40: STILL CLIMBING THE HILL, NOT OVER IT.” The interview is with Valentina Chepiga who has won every major female bodybuilding championship (Ms. Olympia, Ms. International, etc.), and what makes it even more of an accomplishment is that she won these after she was […]

Laura Creavalle: IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Icon

Laura Cordelia Creavalle, 51-years-old, is originally from Guyana. She became an IFBB Pro women’s bodybuilder in 1988, placing first in the heavyweight division, at the IFBB World Amateur Championships in Puerto Rico. Her first pro show was also her first Olympia appearance. Laura was the first women’s bodybuilder to win the Arnold title three times. Her highest placing […]

Dayana Cadeau IFBB Pro All-Star

Dayana Cadeau, 43-years-old, is considered the most successful Canadian bodybuilder in the world. While she was born in Haiti, she was raised in Canada and now resides in Florida. In addition to being a successful IFBB pro, model, personal trainer and Esthetician. Birth June 2, 1966 (1966-06-02) (age 43), Haiti Height 5′ 4½” Weight (In Season): 128-135 […]

Viviana Casarubbia: Hard Body, Hot Body

Viviana Casarubbia: Hard Body, Hot Body

Viviana Casarubbia, Argentina amateur figure competitor, has a lot going on. Recently, she was in a commercial and explains her experience, too bad I can’t understand what she is saying. She has done well in the international competition, but she is a little too hard for the American standard for figure, another reason we love her. […]

Lori and Arnold: coverage of the Arnold Sports Festival 2011

Hi!!! Well one of the biggest weekends in the sports and fitness arena is upon us: Arnold Sports Festival 2011.  Here at we’ve been covering this event since the 1990’s and this year is no different.  Throughout the weekend, we’ll be giving live coverage with exclusive photo’s from our photographer, who has all […]

Yaxeni Oriquen on the road to Ms. International 2011

Yaxeni Oriquen, who won the Phoenix Pro, fell second to the legendary Iris Kyle in 2010. However, Yaxeni’s stage presence and beauty has her in a league of her own. In a couple of weeks, Yaxeni will face Iris again at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.  Check her out in this exclusive Female […]

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