arm wrestling

Putting Their Arm Where Their Mouth Is

The D.C. Lady Arm Wrestlers (DCLAW) league held their inaugural event as a fundraiser for the House of Ruth, a national nonprofit organization which serves as an advocate for battered women and their children. The league brought eight women in front of an eager crowd to battle out in arm wrestling matches. Each women held a theatrical […]

Fia Reisek Hands Down, Amazing (video)

Fia Reisek, 25-years-old, is a Swedish arm-wrestler who is climbing the ranks and looking to take it all! When asked how she got started, Fia said: “I really don’t know exactly when I started for real, I was only seven years old when my father began and while he was training I played with the other children […]

Sarah Bäckman Mission Impossible

Sarah Bäckman, 18-years-old, has not slowed down in her mission to be the best. Recently, Sarah and her team went to the European Armwrestling Championships in Russia. She went with a dream of one day winning as a senior competitor and her dream was not as far off as she had thought! Sarah won the […]

Amelia Hernandez "Spanish Beauty"

Amelia Hernandez, known as the “Spanish Beauty,” competed as an IFBB Pro in the 1990’s, participated in mixed wrestling and arm wrestling. She had an amazing shape and equally impressive strength! However, like a whisper, she is off any radar…but remains a sweet memory.   Height: 5’2″ Weight: 140lbs contest up to 180lbs off season 16″ biceps and […]

Up In Arms, Ends In Pins

The Bull City charity tournament for female arm wrestlers held in North Carolina recently showcased an awesome line up of strong women from the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women. Khuwailah Beyah (pictured above on right), who fights as Monster Cookie, pined her way to win the tournament, which raised 3,500 for a charity helping […]

Women Holding Hands to Pin Opponents

During the Arm Wrestling Championship at the 40th annual Patterson Apricot Fiesta, 70 contestants from around the state took their turns standing at a small, wooden table on a square wooden platform. The explosive bursts of strength gathered spectators in a rin around the stage and in three sets of bleachers to watch competitors go head-to-head, well arm-to-arm actually. The matches […]

When You Add Competition, Friends Become Rivals

Josee Morneau, 36-years-old, and Lori Pow, 48-years-old, started out as friends and co-workers. They then started training together and today, they are “healthy rivals” in the sport of arm wrestling, but it has been several years since they pulled against one another.  The two Canadian’s met in the first round of the women’s division at the Manitoba Arm Wrestling Association […]