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Fantasy Muscle: Slave Leia

Fantasy Muscle: Slave Leia

From our good friend over at Area Orion: Female bodybuilders Annie Rivieccio, Aleesha Young and Alina Popa throw an early Halloween party in Atlanta. If Aleesha’s new breasts haven’t stirred enough buzz, this costume will push fanboy’s over the edge.

Fantasy Muscle: Spotlight on Area Orion

Fantasy Muscle: Spotlight on Area Orion

Area Orion has been creating some of the hottest female muscle morphs in the fantasy muscle community since 1998. Below is a collection of recent works and an interview with this non-conventional artist. What do preferred to be called? Ben, although I mostly get AO or Orion. Some people think my name is Area which […]

Fantasy Muscle: Hot Muscle Morphs

Fantasy Muscle: Hot Muscle Morphs

Hot Muscle Morphs Here’s a collection of recent Female Muscle Morphs from Area Orion – Your home for Female Muscle Growth and Breast Expansion Morphs. Get a glimpse of some of the hottest female bodybuilders and fitness women with muscle limited only by imagination. Whether you prefer a little extra or something more hulking, there’s […]

Fantasy Muscle: Artist Spotlight on R. Crumb

Robert Crumb is regarded as the Grandfather of underground comics (and possibly female muscle art). This influential artist is considered a Genius by many and has a recognizable style that is both memorable and sometimes shocking. Movies, books and countless articles talk about his life and art, but here I want to focus on his […]

Fantasy Muscle: All-New Quadra-Blu

Here’s brand new art of Quadra-Blu from Lyman Dally. The lollipop has significance with the storyline besides looking damn sexy. Lyman has roughly five episodes written and has allowed me to give you a sneak peak into the new Quadra-Blu series. “Here’s some inside info on Quadra-Blu’s universe. She leaves her home planet to become […]

Fantasy Muscle: New Muscle Morphs

More hot muscle morphs from our contributing writer Ben from Area Orion. What IS Area Orion? Well, here is what Ben says about it “What’s Hot in Female Muscle News, Art & Culture. Your home for Female Muscle Growth and Breast Expansion Morphs. I’m Ben, a scientist at Area Orion. Never heard of it? Not […]

Area Orion: A Bodybuilding Wedding

Female bodybuilder Dawn Alison gives us an interesting look at her first meeting with future husband Brandon, and their wedding during the 2010 Olympia in Las Vegas. The bridal party is a dream team of female muscle which includes (pictured left to right) Irene Andersen, Jill Theobald, Sally Anne Taylor, Dawn Alison, Debbie Bramwell and […]

Fantasy Muscle: Lisa Cross Gets A Morphing

Female bodybuilder Lisa Cross has all my favorite attributes in a woman. Beautiful, intelligent and built like a Mack truck. She recently stopped by Area Orion for some digital body enhancements, not that it’s needed. This power-packed dynamo nearly blew out the lab equipment. After the smoke cleared, I asked if she could say a […]