Amazon Women

Homegrown Muscle

Homegrown Muscle

I was flipping through Female Muscle’s Home Grown Talent gallery last night, when several of the images really caught my eye. And I mean REALLY caught my eye. Now, don’t misunderstand me – all of the images in the Home Grown Talent gallery are a pleasure to look at. But some of them…well…as Emeril Lagasse […]

Fitandrea Fbb: We're completely SMITTEN!!!

Now Appearing on: February 25, 2011- New York City Every so often something special and exciting happens in the world of female bodybuilding.  Here at we pride ourselves in being able to identify these rare and significant occasions.  In the past few months, we have come across who we believe will be a major […]

Amazon Women Part 1 (Video)

This video, from the series Secret Lives of Women,  follows women bodybuilders through their journey through the life they live to the world and the lives they lived behind closed doors. Watch and see the stories of Dena Westerfield, Lauren Powers, Emery Miller, and Joan Lopez. Really the only thing these women have in common is […]