Renee O’Neill, National Bodybuilder Passes Away

Steve Wennerstrom reported on Rx Muscle that national level heavy weight competitor Renee O’Neill, 47-years-old, has  passed away. She was diagnosed with melanoma cancer in January and passed away March 31st from complications.

Renee began her bodybuilding career on stage in 1991 at the NPC Tennessee Valley competition. She won the heavyweight class and the next year competed as a middleweight at the NPC Alabama where she came in third. In 193, she went back to Alabama and made a statement walking away with the overall win.

1995 NPC Southern States HW Overall
1997 NPC Ironmaiden HW Overall
1999 NPC Nationals HW 2nd
Steve noted that “Over her competitive career she entered the Nationals six times, and the IFBB North American, NPC USA, NPC Junior USA, and NPC Junior Nationals once each.  [Renee] was also a noteworthy powerlifter who totaled 1,150 pounds in the 165-pound class lifting 450 in the squat, 250 in the bench, and 450 in the deadlift. She was also a skilled ice hockey player, and also had a love of horseback riding.”

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  1. Camarowithababyseat April 17, 2010 at 3:08 am #

    She looka lika a man… Too much sun exposure and tanning causes melanoma.

  2. saiyajinali October 24, 2010 at 7:22 am #

    and you look like an asshat for posting such an insensitive comment.. people are always tough behind their keyboards..

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