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What Abs in Vegas: Mallory Haldeman IFBB Figure Competitor

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Mallory Haldeman is an IFBB Figure competitor, model, owns a gym in Vegas and we are fans of hers.  We hope she keeps up her social media activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  In 2012 and 2013 she came in 5th in the Olympia and we wish her success in the future.  Listen to her own words:  “I grew up in a house full of boys, and with three brothers, there was never much time for barbies or tea parties. Most of my time was spent outdoors getting dirty or building forts. As I grew up, I tried playing many different sports with varied success, never finding one that was perfect for me.

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Alexandra Silver-Fagan: Brains and Beauty

Alexandra Silver-Fagan CALL NOW! 800-222-3539 International Calls – 214-446-1459

Alexandra is a writer, a certified trainer and an NPC Bikini Competitor. Some call her a gym-rat but she prefers the term fitness enthusiast. Interested in trying new things and never afraid of a challenge, Alexandra is quickly climbing her way within the industry. Besides lifting weights, drinking protein shakes and prepping meals, she works as a brand trainer for ReXist360.  Follow Alexandra Silver-Fagan on Twitter

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We want to thank Russia for: Oksana Grishina

Oksana Grishina CALL NOW! 800-222-3539 International Calls – 214-446-1459

We here at FemaleMuscle want to issue a public service announcement to Russia: Thank you for Oksana Grishina. We really appreciate having her here in the USA and since many of us are upset over our elimination in the World Cup yesterday at the hands of Belgium(or rather: the feet of Belgium), we need to be cheered up.  For some reason, Oksana cheers us up; and as we head into our Independence Day weekend, we will turn to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of Oksana Grishina to cheer us and celebrate our independence. Thank you Russia(and thank-you Oksana!)  Again, please follow Oksana on Facebook, Oksana on Twitter, Oksana on Instagram, Oksana Main Website.

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The Amazing Melissa Coates at ext. 625

Melissa Coates

Melissa Coates 800-222-3539 ext.625

Call Melissa on TalkLive @ 800-222-3539 ext. 625

Melissa says, ” I grew up in a rough little place called Thunder Bay in Ontario CANADA, a city of about 125 000 located on the tip of Lake Superior. My parents Robert and Betty Coates had already had 3 kids by the time I arrived – 2 brothers, JR and David, and my sister Mary Beth. Yes I am the baby of the family!

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Graciella Carvalho: Brazilian Beauty

Graciella Carvalho CALL NOW! 800-222-3539 International Calls – 214-446-1459

The only thing that comes close to the excitement of the World Cup in Brazil, is Brazilian phenomena, Graciella Carvalho.  After placing 2nd place in the Miss Bumbum Brazil Beauty contest, she has become known worldwide for having great assets, her gluteus maximus muscles.  More than just a pretty face(and a great ass), she has now become internationally known as very active and serious in promoting fitness.  She both reps a supplement company and has followers from around the world on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where she posts various curiosities and great pictures of her exercise regimen to inspire others.

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Single Mom Female Bodybuilder Overcomes Critics and Family Flack

Sherry Homan learned quickly that an award-winning figure doesn’t always bring cheers. Friends questioned Homan’s lean, well-muscled physique.

They urged her to work on a social life instead of sweating hours in the gym and eating seven meals a day. Homan’s brother strongly suggested the workouts were turning her into a man.

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Louise Rogers: Miss Great Britain on Twitter

Louise Rogers CALL NOW! 800-222-3539International Calls – 214-446-1459

We have a NEW favorite Brit(sorry Simon Cowell, and we’re not counting Manchester United).  She is Louise Rogers and after you see the massive Louise Rogers picture gallery we have comprised, you’ll see why. We also love the fact that she is exceedingly generous in giving us a glimpse into her world via Twitter and we suggest you have a gander into the magical world of Harry Potter….er, uh, we mean Sexy, Silly, Sweet and always inspirational IFBB Pro Louise Rogers on Twitter.
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Lauren Powers Interview

A video with an interview with female bodybuilder Lauren Powers. Lauren is really one of the coolest, friendliest people you can meet.  Also you can call her to ask questions, chat or take the conversation wherever you want.  Call her at FemaleMuscle Talk ext. 333 (ask her for a free password)

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FREE Password to

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CALL NOW! 800-222-3539
International Calls – 214-446-1459

Call Now and ask any of the women on FemaleMuscle Talk for the FREE password.

Warning: is an adult site and this offer is not valid for anyone under 18 years of age.

Lauren Powers on TALKLIVE 800-222-3539 ext. 333

See one of FemaleMuscle favorite bodybuilders, Lauren Powers, in Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video(click Continue Reading).  If you’d like to reach Lauren on the telephone, please click here.

Coco’s Booty Workout!

Vanessa Naesheim: Obsessed!


Vanessa Naesheim(Like Her On Facebook!) “Alpha Jock Female ;) Diet coach/ Personal trainer/ Posing coach… I appreciate honesty and good people. Hard work & discipline will pay off for me it’s just a matter of time :) I will strive for my pro card, and then my goal is to go into public speaking!”

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