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Katie Chimes: London Chiropractor that will crack your back

Katie ChimesKatie Chimes is a chi­ro­prac­tor and cur­rently lives in Lon­don. Fit­ness and Weight train­ing have always a pas­sion of hers and in 2012 she felt she was able to express that by enter­ing a cou­ple of shows.

Galaxy was her first and for her it was an amaz­ing expe­ri­ence. Since then she has entered a few more shows and has started to become more actively involved within the fit­ness indus­try again.

Sports and fit­ness is some­thing Katie has been actively involved in all of her life and is one area she has com­plete ded­i­ca­tion and deter­mi­na­tion. With fit­ness being one of the main pri­or­i­ties in her life, It is very rare to see Katie with­out a pair of train­ers nearby. Over the last 14 years Katie has worked with many dif­fer­ent peo­ple help­ing them to attain their health and fit­ness goals and also with patients to help them over­come ill­nesses. She likes to inspire and encour­age oth­ers to lead a healthy, bal­anced life and loves help­ing oth­ers wel­come fit­ness into their lives. Continue Reading…

Alina Popa – 2014 Ms Olympia Runner-up

Alina Popa - 2014 Ms Olympia Runner-upRepeating her performance from the 2013 Ms. Olympia with another second place finish, Alina Popa continues to show us why she is so deserving to be called the next Ms. Olympia. From her 5th place finish at the 2011 Olympia, Alina has done nothing but climb the rankings. Now with Iris apparently retired, Alina is poised to take the prestigious title in 2015. We’ll keep an eye on Alina and continue to cheer her on from afar.
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Olympia 2014 Figure Results: Juliana Malacarne wins in a battle, edges out Dana Linn Bailey

Juliana Malacarne10In a fiercely close battle between Juliana Malacarne and defending champion Dana Linn Bailey, the Brazilian Malacarne emerged victorious.

In a gorgeous lineup full of the world’s best physiques, one woman rose to the top. That was Brazilian beauty Juliana Malacarne. Malacarne looked full, balanced, and perfectly conditioned. Even the most diehard DLB fans had to admit that Malacarne was the right choice for first place.

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2014 Olympia Weekend: Olympia Women’s Results

Iris Kyle wins 10th title and announces retirement; Ashley Kaltwasser won her second Bikini Olympia title and Oskana Grishina was successful in winning the Fitness/Figure Class


Finally, the first results started to make there way to the millions of bodybuilding fans all over the world. Many are there to watch the event live, but the majority were happy to watch the event on the free webcast.

Iris Kyle won her 10th Ms. Olympia title and announced her retirement. She will be leaving the sport as one of the best ever female bodybuilder to grace the stage.

In the Bikini class, Ashley Kaltwasser successfully defended her title to win it for the second time. Her condition was hard to match and from the first minute that she stepped on the stage, it was obvious she would give the other competitors a hard time.

In the Fitness/Figure class Oskana Grishina managed to take the title. After placing second in last years edition, she made sure she worked hard to beat her competition.

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New pictures of sexy female bodybuilder Sonny on ext. 350

Sonny on FemaleMuscle Talk CALL NOW! 313-263-3935 International Calls +1 214-446-1459 ext. 350

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. It’s 6pm, the gym is packed, everyone is training after work. It’s a great way to get rid of the stress of the day. Well that’s true, unless you are one of thoseego lifting males that makes a spectacle out of themselves. There’s nothing I love MORE than putting a guy in his place during his workout.

What’s that? Putting him in his place? Yes, I actually get off on it. You can call me if you want to talk to a hot female bodybuilder and here’s an example:

Last week I was in the gym, training biceps. I had just finished ez-bar curls and headed over to the dumbbell rack. I was entertained by some young muscle-head standing in front of the rack, swinging the 35 lb dumbbells up with some of the sloppiest form I’ve ever seen. All I could do was shake my head as he finished his set, put the dumbbells back in the rack and proceeded to flex his biceps in the mirror.

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Bodybuilder Dani Reardon Attacks Boyfriend, Freaks Out In Patrol Car: Cops

Bodybuilder Dani Reardon Attacks Boyfriend, Freaks Out In Patrol Car: CopsShe’s a “Little Monstar” with a big attitude.

Award-winning bodybuilder Dani Reardon was liquored up when she beat up her live-in boyfriend and kicked in his windshield early Sunday, police say. The 24-year-old then allegedly bashed her head repeatedly into the cage of a patrol vehicle after her arrest in Orange County, Florida.

Reardon — an Internet-famous power lifter known online as “Little Monstar” — was charged with resisting arrest and domestic violence. She allegedly tackled and hit her beau, pulled out plants, cracked the truck windshield and screamed at Edgewood police when they arrived, according to the Sun Sentinel.
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IFBB Figure Pro Tanya Etessam Talks

IFBB Figure Pro Tanya Etessam TalksTanya overcame anorexia and got into weight training and good nutrition at the age of 19. She is now a Top Secret Nutrition sponsored athlete, and an IFBB figure Pro.

Quick Stats

Name: Tanya Etessam
Sponsor: Top Secret Nutrition
Location: Miami Beach, FL
Age: 24
Height: 5’8″
Years Training: 5
Sport: IFBB Figure Pro
Contest Weight: 135lbs
Off-Season Weight: 128lbs

Tanya overcame anorexia and got into weight training and good nutrition at the age of 19. She is now a Top Secret Nutrition sponsored athlete, and an IFBB figure Pro.
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