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FemaleMuscle June Morphs

Morphs, enhancements or manips are various terms to describe Digital Body Modification. They may not be real but then the same can be said for implants, in a manner of speaking. See how and extra 50 or 100 lbs of muscle looks without the hard work. See how a cup size or more looks without the cost. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but anything is possible in the Fantasy Muscle realm.


Here are new FemaleMuscle morphs, enhancements and

manips from Area Orion.

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Fantasy Muscle: May Morphs

Morphs, enhancements or manips are various terms to describe Digital Body Modification. They may not be real but then the same can be said for implants, in a manner of speaking. See how and extra 50 or 100 lbs of muscle looks without the hard work. See how a cup size or more looks without the cost. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but anything is possible in the Fantasy Muscle realm.

Here are May morphs, enhancements and manips from Area Orion.

Spring Morphs

Celebrity Muscle Morphs

Everyone loves celebrities. Female muscle fans wonder what would they look like with muscle?” The question can be answered with the aid of Photoshop.

Ever wonder what Megan Fox would look like with muscle? Download your favorite celebrity headshot and your favorite bodybuilder photo… poof, instant celebrity with muscle. While most morphers are hobbyists and not professional Hollywood retouchers, Photoshop is the main program used by both. The software basics are fairly simple to use but it takes some talent & ability to make them look realistic.

This gallery shows images from 10 different artists (not including myself) and there are many others out there. Image copyrights and fair use aside. these are all done for fun in the fantasy world of Female Muscle.

Contributing writer Area Orion

Fantasy Muscle: New Muscle Morphs

More hot muscle morphs from our contributing writer Ben from Area Orion. What IS Area Orion? Well, here is what Ben says about it

“What’s Hot in Female Muscle News, Art & Culture. Your home for Female Muscle Growth and Breast Expansion Morphs.

I’m Ben, a scientist at Area Orion. Never heard of it? Not many people have and they like to keep it that way. Top Secret, Hush Hush kind of stuff and I’m constantly amazed at what I find.

I was surprised that some images I had on a flash drive were morphed into massive, gorgeous women I’ve only dreamed about. This blog is intended to showcase those images and document my life and times at Area Orion.”

See? It’s all very hush hush…

Contributing Writer: Area Orion

Fantasy Muscle: Hot Muscle Morphs

Hot Muscle Morphs

Here’s a collection of recent Female Muscle Morphs from Area Orion – Your home for Female Muscle Growth and Breast Expansion Morphs. Get a glimpse of some of the hottest female bodybuilders and fitness women with muscle limited only by imagination.

Whether you prefer a little extra or something more hulking, there’s something for everyone. See more at

Female Muscle Morphs

How much muscle can a woman have? In real life, it’s limited to personal commitment, training and pharmaceutical aid. In the digital world, it’s only limited by imagination.

Muscle Morphs have been around since Adobe Photoshop’s release in 1990 and female muscle growth fans have used it to visualize ultimate muscular development. Of course they’re not real, but look at the typical bodybuilder from 30 years ago versus today. What’s to say these aren’t a glimpse of what’s to come.

Just because photos can be digitally enhanced, should they? Morphs have been criticized for devaluing the hard work and training of athletes. One competitor commented that a picture of mine was “extremely offensive” to her. The image in question was requested by friend Latia Del Riviero who wanted to see how she looked with an “extra 30 lbs of pure muscle”. I may have given her a bit more. Ruthie Lucchesi also requested an enhancement and I asked her “do bodybuilders think morphs are insulting?” She told me “I think most female bodybuilders would not be insulted because obviously we love having huge muscles.”

Most do it for free since these “found” images actually infringe on photographer’s copyright. It’s like musicians “sampling” others music. Whenever possible, I’ve tried to contact them and ask permission. Some love them, some don’t. Morphs are an underground art form with a limited audience, no pay and sometimes hostile reactions. So why make them? I still haven’t figured that out.

Contributing Writer & Artist Area Orion

December Monthly Muscle Morphs

Today we begin a new monthly feature: Monthly Muscle Morphs!

If you aren’t sure what this morphing thing is all about, perhaps this will help: “Many areas of fantasy muscle stem from Female Muscle Growth or FMG. We’re not talking supplements, techniques or training here… this is sexual fetish!

Female Muscle Growth is the fantasy of women growing large, powerful muscles, sometimes at unnatural rates and sizes. FMG fetishists are attracted to female bodybuilders but also have fantasies that go beyond strong women with muscles. It often delves into the realm of science fiction. This provides inspiration to vast amounts of artwork, stories, morphs, websites, animations, forums and groups relating to FMG and the people that crave it.”

Contributing writer Area Orion

Female Muscle Morphs

Want to see what it’s like to morph into a female bodybuilding muscle queen? Check out these female muscle morphs.

More morphs:

Ultimate Muscle Morphs

For a look at some ultimate morphed photos of fitness models and female bodybuilders check out Area Orien blog. Some samples below……



Fantasy Muscle: Female Muscle Growth Stories

The Female Muscle Growth Story is the literary form of FMG. While muscle art and morphs graphically show the final result, FMG stories take you through the detailed process of how and why a woman transforms into a muscle bound amazon. These stories started in the 1980′s and were made available to the public by small publishers like LH Art. They began appearing in the 1990′s on Usenet Groups and later to a much wider audience as the Internet became commonplace.

So what makes a good Female Muscle Growth story? As in all literature, it’s up to the imagination of the author, but certain things must happen in order to be considered part of this genre. Here’s a general breakdown:

The heroine. Sometimes the Antagonist, sometimes the Protagonist. She may be frail, abused, bullied. She may be evil, vindictive or just wants to be stronger. Whatever the case, our heroine is about to have a life altering experience.

Example: Tired of being pushed around, Lori wanted muscles, bigger and stronger than anyone. She spent all her free time working out and lifting heavy, but couldn’t reach the strength she wished for.

The catalyst. Could it be a secret lab where mad scientists dream up ways to create superior humans? Whether the change is magical, scientific or extraterrestrial in nature, the catalyst causes the transformation from a normal woman into a muscular goddess.
Example: She was approached by a mysterious man that gave her a special potion. “Take just a sip and all your dreams will come true,” he told her. He left and Lori quickly took a sip. She wanted it all decided to drink the whole bottle.

The transformation. This describes the muscular growth process in a descriptive and detailed manner. It continues until the author reaches the desired strength level. Some prefer the end result to be more realistic in size, while others go much, much larger. Fantasy is only limited by imagination.

Example: Lori immediately felt the changes as muscles began to pour into her. Her clothes tightened under the strain as she doubled in mass. Then tripled. Her shirt tore open revealing mountains of rock hard muscle growing beneath. Her clothes wouldn’t last much longer. She continued getting bigger and stronger. Lori was closer to her dream, but this was just the beginning

The aftermath. Now that our heroine has a vastly superior body and strength, what does she do? A destructive rampage? Save the world? Some authors give the new super woman a super libido to match.
Example: I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, but I wouldn’t want to upset Lori at this point!

This fetish fiction can’t be found in your local library or bookstore. If you’re interested in more Female Muscle Growth Stories, here are a few sites dedicated to these tales.

Amy’s Conquest is a pay site with illustrated stories by leading artists in the genre. is large online library where anyone can upload FMG stories.
Diana the Valkyrie has a library page just for Amazon Growth Stories by various authors.
FemaleMuscleLibrary is a DeviantArt group for authors to collectively showcase their stories.
Meg’s Muscle Growth is a blog where Meg invites readers to actively participate in her fantasy muscle growth.

Contributing writer Area Orion

Fantasy Muscle: The Muscle of FemaleMuscle has strong women behind it. We publish so many “real” photographs of powerful women, but from time to time we like to slip into fantasy.  So this month, not only is there a new morph of Lori Braun, but also of FemaleMuscle writer LeslieRae Newton.

Here’s a few other Area Orion Muscle Morphs from April. Visit AREAORION for more great morphs.

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