Noisy Sex = $455 Fine

For two years 29 year old Kerry Norris and boyfriend Adam Hinton regularly disturbed their neighbours with their passion. According to reports the couple yelled out obscenities while the headboard would bang against the wall until early morning.

In August of this year, they were prosecuted in Britain for ignoring a noise abatement notice. Their next door neighbour told magistrates: “The headboard bangs on the wall as they are having sex and it keeps me awake all night. I have had to take days off work because of the lack of sleep.” The couple also said they had to move her children to the front room of their home because of the noise.

Kerry Norris insisted: “I have a normal sex life”. The court didn’t seem to care, and fined her £200 plus £100 costs, as well as a £15 “victim surcharge”. [total of $455 US]

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