Milagros Lyen Wong Aseguinolaza


Competing under the name of Lyen Wong, she placed second in the 2007 N.A.C. Universe Championship 2007 in Hamburg, Germany. Her diverse Wikipedia entry caught our attention here:
“Wong’s ancestors hail from the Basque Country in Spain, as well as China and Africa. She has graduated from the “Universidad de Matanzas Camilo Cienfuegos” where she studied English Literature, attaining the title “Licenciada” in 1997. Before moving to Europe in 2001, first to Madrid/Spain and, in 2003, to Düsseldorf/Germany, she worked as a fitness trainer in the Cuban beach resort of Varadero. Wong has participated in sexy fitness competitions for the NAC Germany association since 2005. She has won the NAC Germany German championship and German Intl. championship in the Miss Fitness category. Wong has also won the Miss Universe title of NAC International in the Shape category, as well as other national and international titles.”

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