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Sally McNeil: Tribute

April 1996; Sally McNeil was sentenced to 19 years to life for the shotgun slaying of her husband Ray McNeil. Sally was and continues to be one of the most beloved and best known bodybuilders among the female ranks of a sport which is increasingly moving away from the drug fueled Narcissism of its recent Silver Age towards a more fitness oriented display of health and prowess.
Her career as a professional bodybuilder was barely building up steam as she strenuously supported her husbandís goals; to be the best, to rise above the inconsequential and the fleeting, to achieve world fame as an actor and action hero.

Unfortunately, what was hidden behind ambition was rage; a confusing mix of jealousy and admiration, worship, distrust and betrayal. Ray McNeil had taken to beating his wife, in public and in private. The scars were visible, the bruises and broken bones obvious. People were concerned, Sally was afraid and Ray thought he could get away with murder.

Sally had no such thought in her mind.

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