Thanksgiving Turkey Free Song

Thanksgiving Turkey Free Song
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For everyone that tells me that they are giving up turkey this thanksgiving I will do 25 pushups and personally I will send you the video.

Listen NOW!

Don’t eat a turkey
they are cute and pretty birds
gobble gobble gobble
the sweetest sound I ever heard

Don’t eat a turkey
have tofu instead
then have you some stuffing
even though theres lots of bread

Don’t eat a turkey
they fill them full of roids
just so their breasts get big
it makes me real annoyed

Don’t eat a turkey
theres so much other stuff
get a plate of turnips
and hot chocolate with some fluff

Don’t eat a turkey
cranberries help you when you pee
don’t eat a turkey
please do it for me

Don’t eat a turkey
just eat some peanut butter
talk with a giant mouthful
and people think you stutter

Don’t eat a turkey
they have their peckers on their face
so don’t eat a turkey
and join the human race

Don’t eat a turkey
let them run in the wild
remember every one of them
has a little child

Don’t eat a turkey
it’s just gross
get some rasberry jelly
and put it on some toast

Don’t eat a turkey
do pushups instead
find a funny hat
and put it on your head

I hope you like my song
I hope it made you laugh
remember eating turkey
is like eating a giraffe

Dont Eat A Turkey Listen NOW!

Lori Braun

Lori Braun

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3 Responses to "Thanksgiving Turkey Free Song"

  1. Stan C Myers, PhD  November 7, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Even though the only meat I eat is fish or foul – I will eat peanut butter during the last week of November for you Ms. Lori !

  2. Stan C Myers, PhD  November 7, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    . . . and if I wasn’t clear in the last reply . . .
    Yes ! I will give up turkey for the whole week for you Ms. Lori !

  3. Peter  December 6, 2014 at 10:41 am

    There is more Genetically Modified Poison in your tofu than the turkey regardless the opinion of what to eat or not.


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