Iran Female Motocross Champion?

Nora Naraghi

In a country where women are not even allowed to “let their hair down,” it’s no surprise that they are forbidden from obtaining a motorcycle license. This, however, doesn’t stop some from hitting the dunes. Nora Naraghi, 20-years-old, has defied discrimination and has become a champion at Iran’s only motocross race, set up by Xanyar motorbike club. Nora competed in the MX2 category.

“I was born into it. I remember I was four when my dad who is a motorcycle champion used to sit me on a little Montesa and let me do circles over and over in front of his motorbike shop. I recall that one day he thought I was tired and wanted to get me off the bike but I would not let go of the accelerator! I feel no pressure in following the passion of my parents. My father was once Iran’s motocross champion, my mum rides, I ride, my younger brother rides and of course my husband rides motocross bikes too,” Nora said.

Women are not permitted to practice on the “good tracks” and have to develop their skills else where. “We do not have a place to train like a permanent track, so we go to the hills in north-western Tehran, which my father has set up with basic technical requirements,” Nora informed reporters. Regardless of her limitations, she stood in first place when the dust fell. Nora dreams of competing against United States riders, but fears that dream may be out of her reach. At just 20-years-old, she may see change and have her dream after all.

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