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by Lee Penman

When it comes to defying limitations, seizing opportunities and turning dreams into reality, Gina Trochiano not only wrote the book but sent a breath of life into each page making her story not only compelling but extremely motivating. So, for anyone out there wondering just what they could do with their life if they abandoned the self doubts they harbor in their mind and replaced them with the unstoppable fire of self belief…read on!

Oh, and for any of you making your way to Hartford this weekend for the Europa show either as a competitor or as a spectator, allow me to introduce you to one of the front runners in the figure class….Gina Trochiano!

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You have quite a pedigree…born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island and currently living on the Jersey Shore. So tell us about those early years, family life and what dreams you had back then?

“I never really had a plan, whatever it was I knew I would put in a lot of hard work, dedication and 110 percent of my time. I have always wanted to go with the path that has been chosen…never letting any opportunity go to waste. I remember when I was little listening to cassette tapes  on how to be an influential person and reading a book by OG Mandino  called ‘The Greatest Salesmen in the World’. I would read it over and over again, and as soon as my tapes were finished I would rewind them. So much of that has stuck with me and helped develop me as a person.”

You were involved in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading so I guess we could label you as ‘athletic’ however, for your career you chose the corporate world initially. What attracted you to the stock market and telecommunications?  

 Money, power and respect at first but really the excitement and thrill of opening a cold account or walking into a situation and dominating the meeting.  I guess that is why I love competing. It is scary as all heck and pushing myself to face all my fears and through all mental and physical limitations is a thrill for me.”

I read the story on your web site about your passion for fitness still being present in those days though. despite having to commute every day from New Jersey to Manhattan, care to share what an average day was like back then?

“Routine… I would go to sleep in gym clothes, wake up 4:30 am, roll out of bed, have a quick cup of coffee, eat breakfast on the way to bus, arrive at Port Authority, jog cross town to New York Sports Club on 3 Ave 51st street, train, shower and head to the office near-by, then work a 9 – 10 hour day. Dealing and pitching accounts all day is stressful so at night running cross-town was best not only for my safety but my sanity.  It really helped me calm down after a stressful day.”

A lot of people would have given up on the idea of trying to keep fit with such a hectic schedule…what kept you motivated?

“This is my life, this is what I do, and this is the path that was chosen for me. I couldn’t imagine living my life any other way.”

When the company you were working for fell apart you obviously saw that as an opportunity to follow your passion for fitness fully. How did you start the ball rolling and what obstacles did you overcome in your quest for success?

“At that point I didn’t know where I wanted to be or what I wanted to do, I just fell back into something that was always my passion. I never liked working for anybody… punching in and out. So I thought I’d like to start my own personal training business within my network.

“I feel most women have major insecurities, I know I did. I was inspired by Tanji Johnson and Monica Brandt in the fitness world. This was before figure was born!

Even today, these women have the drive and passion it takes to be successful. I wanted to be like them. At the time I was so insecure but I was also sick of just wishing…so I finally just did it!”

There are many people out there who dream of doing what you are doing right now but fail to get everything together. What qualities would you say you have that managed to see you through the tough times and get you to where you are today?

“The three components of my business strategy came from the 3 major careers I have had so far… Aggressiveness, Sales Skills and Organization – and of course the desire to succeed!

Aggressiveness – this was crucial when I was selling stocks.

Sales skills – when I was in telecom my coverage area was the 5 boroughs in NY, I was selling to medium to large size businesses, pitching to the owners and CEO’s of these companies.

Organization – I was an event coordinator for a successful yet hectic and crazy Sports Nutrition Company. This forced me to be extremely organized; my duties were to set up events for expos such as the Olympia and the Arnold and for smaller events like demos.

All three major components have come full circle with everything I do with my three businesses.” 

How has life changed for you since getting your Pro Card?

“Completely- I finally know what I’m going to do when I grow up!

I consider it a blessing to be an IFBB Professional Athlete. However it not just about getting the pro card, it opened a window of opportunity for me.  That was all I needed, ONE window to build a house…soon to become a mansion.

“I took the opportunity to turn it into my career. Finally I had the chance to get started. The best feeling is knowing that I created the situation for myself and capitalized on it. It is my life and it’s my everything!”

What have you been focusing the most on when it comes to getting ready for the Hartford show?

“Getting the business to where it needs to be, so that I can focus the last two weeks on what needs to be done. If my head’s in work mode it makes it hard for me to focus on myself. Doing it the same way I did it when I earned my pro card. Having fun, staying focused, and directing my attention towards qualifying for the Olympia again!”

How do you feel as you get ready to compete this time around?

“Very excited and emotional! I have awesome friends to share my completive lifestyle with.  My VIP Destination Glam MUA, Michelle Bare, rocks the makeup for me and our clients but is most of all my longest, closest and dearest friend who has a genuine interest in the sport as a whole and as me as a pro athlete.  All I needed was someone to be on my side and believe in me to pursue and move forward in this figure life – that at times is so hard to do alone.

This time around I found a new light, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been as a competitor. Michelle has been my rock and I finally feel that I belong on a pro stage.”

 Getting back to your business ventures can you tell us a little about GT Enterprises and the Glam Squad?

“Gina T Enterprises is the home of my three businesses…

Glam Gear is my retail clothing line with female athletes shape in mind.

Forever Fit Personal Coaching offers everything for either competitors or non competitors to reach their own personal goals – no matter what level they are at.  I construct diet programs based around blood type and I also run workshops. My Workshops, because of my corporate career training definitely have a professional edge utilizing power point presentations and providing tons of information.

Destination Fit is on location personal coaching. It is nationwide, and I have clients all over the country. We communicate in person, internet video and or email. I will also travel for one on one training or groups.”

Considering all of the above, I refuse to believe that you don’t have big plans for the future! Care to share some of them with our readers?

“Yes. I have BIG plans. I’m going to be working on Destination Glam Squad – heading to the Tampa area for about 6 months to continue building business.

Also a whole lot of networking with medical professionals and continuing to build the information side of Forever Fit’s business plan. Destination Glam Squad will have a booth at Olympia, sponsored by Extreme Fit Nutrition (Booth 322).  Look for the advertisements on Face book and my website

“I am also excited to announce my partnership with and our upcoming release on Protein!  It will be based on my signature blood type dieting. They are also doing a YouTube reality web show that is called “Training with Trochiano at the Jersey Shore”.  For more info check logo on

“Most of my time after competing will be spent at my South Toms River studio at Nutrition Zone at 317 Fisher Blvd, continuing ‘one on one’ consults, planning new workshops, events and working on giving back to the community by donating a portion of Gina T enterprises proceeds and my time to charities such as MS and Big brother Big sister programs.”

Lee Penman

N.B Destination Glam Squad is an On Location Event Prep Service in the NJ NY & FL areas… and growing! Specializing in Makeup artistry, Glam hair and tantalizing tans for competitions, photo shoots & workshops like Destination Glam as well as other events like weddings, proms and Gorge-Waa Parties featuring feathered extensions and BOTOX! Both the Ladies and Gentlemen can enjoy our Glam full-service Glam treatment. We come to you!

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  • Glam Hair with Licensed Professionals

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