Lori Braun

Hurricane Frances

Watch the Full Video (about 30 minutes) Lori is vacationing down in Florida, minding her own business when what should appear? A hurricane with a long list of places it wants to screw. Included on this list unfortunately is West Palm Beach, one of the places Lori had decided to visit. Chaos and hilarity ensue […]

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Enjoy 2,500 Free Arnold 2005 Contest Photographs, and over 250,000 archived photographs. But we would very much like your financial support. Join for $14.95, no rebill,and Lori Braun is yours This video is entitled “Lori Virtual Session 1.” Find out here more about this video and, I guess we must, show you a free preview […]

VideoBlog Arnold 05

LAUREN POWERS TO VIDEOBLOG FOR LORI AND FEMALEMUSCLE.COM AT ARNOLD 2005: Lauren Powers will be everywhere at Arnold 2005 in Columbus next weekend, shooting reality video for Lori Braun and femalemuscle.com. Listen to Lauren’s AudioBlog And a special Audio Message from Lori to all female bodybuilders: LISTEN NOW Lori Braun on Lauren Powers: “Lauren has […]

Muscle Licker

Muscle Licker (1:05) Lori started the entire “Muscle Licking” movement right here! The first recorded images of muscle-licking.

My Cat Quentin

Quentin is my cat, but I found him and brought him home for Mangus. He reminds me of a little lion. I found him hiding under a bunch of rocks many years ago. He was very hard to catch, but when my friend finally did catch him, he broke his arm in the process. Quentin […]