Kori Propst: Diet Doc Director

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Kori L. Propst

Kori Propst, female bodybuilder, now directs the general population nutrition and weight loss programs as the Wellness Director at The Diet Doc.

Licensed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, educated in exercise physiology, nutrition, and fitness, and certified as a personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management consultant, health coach and an International Society of Sports Nutritionist, Kori guides her clients toward optimal health and wellness, impacting every facet of their lives.

Kori began resistance training in high school, her passion for exercise taking her to an undergraduate degree in exercise physiology, followed by her first bodybuilding competition at the age of 25. Enamored by the sport and the changes she witnessed in her physique, she excelled and earned professional status as a natural bodybuilder, figure athlete, and fit body competitor under the guidance of Dr. Joe. She has since won the Pro Mid-America and Pro American Cup Championships and was the runner up at the 2009 and 2011 World Championships.

After earning her Masters degree in Community Counseling, Kori worked as an in-home family therapist specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy and led a Multi-systemic Therapy team. Prior to assuming her directorship at The Diet Doc, Kori started a wellness company in Colorado. She is published in various community magazines and has a blog, peakofmind.com. She is a PhD candidate in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. Her skill in implementing research-based, sustainable programming gives her clients the benefit of a multi-dimensional approach to permanent success.

Kori has been published in the Journal of Nutrition, the German version of Natural Bodybuilding and FitnessFitness and Physique MagazineOxygen Women’s Fitness, and UltrafitnessMag.

She is on the advisory board and is a regular contributor to Oxygen Women’s Fitness.

She has pioneered the integrated nutrition and mindset coaching program at The Diet Doc, The Mental Edge mindset and performance coaching program.

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