Linda Wood-Hoyte the Real Deal

Linda Wood-Hoyte, 67-years-old, is so dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding, health and fitness that she has spent the last 27-years participating in bodybuilding at some level. Linda didn’t start bodybuilding until she was 39-years-old, but she never looked back!

“To me [bodybuilding] is the most exacting, fascinating, demanding, selfish, disciplined sport I know of and I love it!!”

When Linda began her journey in bodybuilding, she already had 13-years in her professional management career in corporate America which over the past 40-years, includes working for five Fortune 500 companies. She currently serves as a National (NPC), Professional (IFBB) and International judge as well as having been a US delegate and judge to the World Universe Championships. Linda was granted Pro Status as an IFBB Bodybuilder May 2004.


IFBB- Night of Champions2004IFBB Pro Status Announced
IFBB- World Universe Championship 2003USA Judge/Delegate
IFBB- World Universe Championship2002USA Judge/Delegate
IFBB – Judge, Olympia, Men, Women and Fitness2002Judge
IFBB – Judge, Night of Champions, and the Jan Tana Classic2002 Judge
IFBB World Juniors & Master Championship-Czech Republic2000 6th place HW
IFBB World Universe Championship- Warsaw Poland2000USA Judge Delegate
NPC Team Universe, NYC1998 3rd HW
NPC Nationals 19976th MW
World Juniors & Masters Championship, Katowice, Poland 19962nd
2nd Women’s Physique Video 1996 Video IFBB – North American Championship, Quebec, Canada19965th
NPC – Team Universe Championship19964th
IFBB – World Universe Championship, Brugge, Belgium199510th
Heavyweight Fierless Productions -Evolution “F”1995Exhibition
NPC – Team Universe Championship19951st HW
IFBB – World Universe Championship, Borlange, Sweden19945th
Heavyweight NPC – Team Universe Championship19941st
Heavyweight IFBB – World Juniors & Masters Championship, Torrevieja, Spain 19932nd Place
Open Fierless Productions, “The Most Awesome Women”1993Exhibition
IFBB – North America Championship1992 6th HW
NPC – Women’s Extravaganza1991Guest Poser
NPC Nationals 1991Top 10
IFBB North American Championship1991Top 15
IFBB Japanese World Games, Tokyo, Japan19904th
Heavyweight IFBB – The Arnold Classic – Ms. International199011th
Heavyweight NPC – National Championship19893rd
Heavyweight NPC – National Championship19885th
Heavyweight NPC – USA1988Top 12
NPC – USA Masters, Teen & Collegiate National19881st HW & Overall
Heavyweight & Overall NPC – NYC Metro District1987Female Athletic of the Year
NPC – USA1987Top 15
AAU – Ms. America19862nd Medium class
NPC – USA1986Top 15
NPC – National Championship1986Top 15
NPC – National Championship1985Top 15
AAU – Physiques International19851st Medium & Overall
AAU – Ms. America19852nd Medium
NPC – USA1985Top 15
AAU – Physique International19841st Medium class
NPC – New York State Gold’s Classic19845th Heavyweight
AFWB – Tri-State19841st Hwt & Overall
AFWB – USA1984Top 15
AFWB – Ms. North East Atlantic States19831st HW & Overall
AFWB – Ms. Dan Lurie Classic19831st HW
AFWB – Ms. New York City19831st Medium & Overall
AAU – Eastern America 19831st Medium & Overall
AFWB – NGA Championship19831st Heavyweight & Overall
AFWB – Ms. North East Atlantic States19831st HW & Overall

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