Local Bodybuilder Shows No Mercy At Competition

Local Bodybuilder Shows No Mercy At Competition
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A local woman lost 30 pounds and won big at the Ultimate Fitness Experience (UFE) No Mercy bodybuilding show on October 3 in Regina.

Tanya Chester brought home two first place trophies: one for  Bikini Model Masters (35+), and another in Female Fitness Model Masters (35+).

“ I was looking for a new fitness goal. I was trying to get back in shape from having all of my children. I needed direction and focus. I found a group online who were training for bikini contests. I had always admired those girls and thought it would be fun to see how they do it. Another reason is to be a good role model for my kids and be able to do all of the activities they like to do and keep up,” she explained.

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Chester did not want to compete initially.

“ I signed up not wanting to compete, but just to learn how to lift the weights and how to eat the way they do, but then we were having so much fun together I said ‘OK I’ll just go for it with the rest of the girls,’ and here I am.”

She got her winning body with the help of Orlando Hamm and Sarah Maduck in Warman. Hamm dictated her diet, while Maduck provided a personalized workout.

“ You follow along. It was a no brainer for me, I just did what I was told. There’s tonnes of healthy food. I had a lot of veggies, sometimes 10 to 14 cups a day. I was also dedicated to continue the workouts that Sarah put together for me.”

She said it is not more of a time commitment than what anyone else would make to take care of their body.

“It’s just one workout a day and the food is food I was already eating, I just didn’t know the proper quantity.”

Chester explained the secret to success was to “love yourself enough to put the time into caring for yourself. This gives you more energy, love, health and time to give love to others.”

Winning in those two divisions qualifies her for the worlds competition in Toronto, on November 7. Chester will not be going to this one, but will be attending the Saskatchewan Body Building Association’s Halloween Showdown on October 24 “to see what a different organization is like.”

“You are what you choose to be,” she concluded.

Courtesy of: Melfort Journal

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