High School Female Bodybuilding Competition won by Danielle Reardon

Source: TBO.com (Tampa Bay)

Danielle Reardon goes through her posing routine for judges during the Mr. and Miss Wesley Chapel High School Bodybuilding Contest Wednesday night. In the end, Reardon took one of the top female trophies.

“There were 20 male contestants and 13 female contestants vying for the coveted Mr. and Ms. Wesley Chapel titles and the large trophies that went with them.

Perhaps the least intimidated contestant was senior Danielle Reardon, who took home her second straight Ms. Wesley Chapel title. Reardon, a cheerleader and female weightlifter, showed plenty of poise and some strength and flexing moves that might have won her an adult female figure contest as well.”

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  1. Egg Whites April 23, 2009 at 10:55 pm #

    Way to go Danielle… keep it up and one day you will rock the pro world!

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