2009 Sports Deaths

The Boston Globe compiled a list of all the notable deaths in the sports industries in 2009. NANCY NEVILLE ADAMS (pictured), 84, co-owner of the Tennessee Titans. NICK ADENHART, 22, Angels pitcher. ALEXIS ARGUELLO, 57, International Boxing Hall of Famer who was 82-8 with 65 knockouts and won titles in three weight classes (featherweight, super […]

Meal Replacements Making You Fat?

Advertisers make it so that one would think protein bars and protein drinks are the Messiah to reaching and maintaining your fitness goals. This couldn’t be further from the truth for several reasons. One being, many of the “meal replacements” (bars or shakes) are being used in between meals, as well as in place of […]

“Eambros” Wins

22 year old Elizabeth Ambros aka “Eambros” won the 2009 Hydroxycut Max! Transformation Contest which was hosted on The 22 year old servicewoman, whose bodyspace mentions she was previously deployed in Iraq, wins a $5,000 cash prize, plus a trip to a professional photo shoot, and will be featured on

New Style Dietician – A Robot

Star Trek is becoming reality with the robotic dietitian. While not available for sale yet, the website says you can sign up for the mailing list to be informed of when they are for sale. image by Aaron Edsinger From ABC News: “Autom is a weight-loss coach. So what she does is talk to you […]

Total Mushroom Recall

Artwork By Bryan May A recall has been issued for enoki mushrooms produced by Phillips Mushroom Farms in Pennsylvania. The mushrooms were packed in clear plastic bags with blue or green graphics and sold from January 13 to 30. Enokis are long, thin white mushrooms, often used in Asian cuisines. Preliminary test results showed potential […]

Steak Tartare

I had steak tartare last night for the 3rd time in my life. It was intense and delicious, and produced a strange animalistic psychosomatic high. Les Halles downtown prepares it with finely chopped cornichons, capers, onion, french mustard, egg yolk, and very lean ground top round. Our server expertly prepared it tableside, impressing the hell […]

The Fitness Nurse

TheMary Buchan wasn’t content with a typical nursing job. She believes in holistic health, and she wanted to make sure she was helping people in mind, body and spirit. So instead of coursing hospital halls, she’s carrying out her mission at the Dowd YMCA, where she runs a program for those who need to change […]

Strength Training and Healthy Bones

Dr. Sherrill Sellman advocates women at any age participate in strength training to increase bone density and growth. Strength training is also useful for weight loss. Muscle requires more energy (calories) to maintain than fat, so as the body builds muscle, it is burning more calories during non-active periods. Cardio is useful for burning calories, […]

Four Great Vacation Exercises

I just booked a two week vacation in the Dominican Republic for late February. I’m really looking forward to it. Last year around this time I was in Mexico, eating roadside tacos and swigging Coronas by the bucketfull. This time around I’m planning on incorporating some exercise into the vacation. Here is a quick list […]

Run Your Ass Off

People who did change their bodies say six months is a bare minimum to see real change. Schuyler Antane, 43, a research scientist, is one. He began in January 2006 with a diet, which meant, he said, “letting go of the foods that taste good, but are wicked evil. And no more beer.” In three […]