Static Stretching Exercises

Static Stretching Exercises Research work detailed in Medicine & Science in Sport and Exercise 33(3), pp354-358 and Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, vol 15 (1): 98-101 suggests that the use of dynamic stretches – slow controlled movements through the full range of motion – are the most appropriate exercises for warming up. By contrast, […]

Superwomen: Karen Norris could give any many a man a run for his money

Cambridge News Super fit Karen Norris is one of the country’s top female bodybuilders. Louise Cummings pulled in her stomach and flexed her muscles for a chat with the Cambridge personal trainer to find out the secret of a perfectly sculpted body. Like any woman Karen Norris loves a bit of glamour. With her sleek […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jack LaLanne: Fitness guru a ‘saint’

Fitness guru a ‘saint’ REUTERS FEBRUARY 3, 2011 “Bodybuilding champion, actor and ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the late fitness guru Jack LaLanne as a “saint” for inspiring millions of people to stay healthy and avoid sickness. Schwarzenegger spoke at a music and joke-filled memorial celebrating the life of LaLanne, who died at age 96 […]

How Can I Lose The Fat Off My Butt?

Question: I was wondering what kind of exercise I can do to get rid of the fat right above my butt (Between butt and hips). Nothing I do seems to help. Can you please help me? Answer: No exercise will burn fat off one particular area of the body. You can’t spot reduce! When you […]

Career Ending Injury Turns New Career

Emily Zaler was a Division-I  soccer player before she suffered a career ending injury. Instead of leaving the sports industry as a whole, she re-grouped and focused on her love for fitness. Emily told her story on SiouxCountry and explained how she coped with losing soccer: “I have been playing soccer since I was 6. I played […]

2009 Sports Deaths

The Boston Globe compiled a list of all the notable deaths in the sports industries in 2009. NANCY NEVILLE ADAMS (pictured), 84, co-owner of the Tennessee Titans. NICK ADENHART, 22, Angels pitcher. ALEXIS ARGUELLO, 57, International Boxing Hall of Famer who was 82-8 with 65 knockouts and won titles in three weight classes (featherweight, super […]

Meal Replacements Making You Fat?

Advertisers make it so that one would think protein bars and protein drinks are the Messiah to reaching and maintaining your fitness goals. This couldn’t be further from the truth for several reasons. One being, many of the “meal replacements” (bars or shakes) are being used in between meals, as well as in place of […]

“Eambros” Wins

22 year old Elizabeth Ambros aka “Eambros” won the 2009 Hydroxycut Max! Transformation Contest which was hosted on The 22 year old servicewoman, whose bodyspace mentions she was previously deployed in Iraq, wins a $5,000 cash prize, plus a trip to a professional photo shoot, and will be featured on

New Style Dietician – A Robot

Star Trek is becoming reality with the robotic dietitian. While not available for sale yet, the website says you can sign up for the mailing list to be informed of when they are for sale. image by Aaron Edsinger From ABC News: “Autom is a weight-loss coach. So what she does is talk to you […]

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