Valerie Scott 1995 femalemuscle photo

Click HERE for our retro galleries Dug out of our archives by the wayback machine. Valerie is in absolutely great shape in this 1995 photo, when she won the Ms. California title. Here is a link we found on google for Valerie.

Lenda Murray

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Seven time Olympia winner Lenda Murray broke Cory Everson’s record. Acclaimed as the finest female bodybuilder in the world, Murray exudes an unparalleled combination of beauty, shape, development and pure athletic achievement. She is one of the most popular and successful female bodybuilders in history!

Adam & Eve

Photo Gallery Check out this retro bodybuilding photo gallery from the 80’s. These images were scanned from 35mm Kodachrome slides. This gallery was originally posted in the late 90’s, but we’re reposting it at a viewer’s request. We’re always curious to get your opinions. Feel free to comment and let us know what you like, […]

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