Joanna Tuczynska

Joanna Tuczynska
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We caught up with Polish born model, Joanna Tuczynska, who was more than happy to share a little of her story with us. Being fit and healthy is a huge part of her career success.

Joanna started modeling 7 years ago after being approached by a photographer. Things went really well and he introduced her to a modeling agency. Things have taken off from there.

For this 5’10 beauty, travel is a huge part of her career. Although she loves to travel, having a hectic schedule leaves little time for hobbies and pastimes. But for Joanna, staying fit and healthy is an important part of modeling and a huge part of her success and marketability. We’d say she’s doing an excellent job of staying fit. Wouldn’t you?

Were you active growing up, involved in sports in high school and in college? What sports did you play?

Sport has been a big part of my life. I have always been a very active person since I was a child. In elementary and high school,  I trained middle distance running and hockey (on the grass). I also liked playing tennis and volleyball. However, the best results I reached was in playing in chess. I was 2 Champion Youngsters in Poland. Some people say that chess is not really sport, because you are just sitting…hahaha! Of course chess is not a physical activity, but it is strong brain activity and we know that everything start in the brain. Chess has given me a lot! It has motivated me and taught me self -discipline. I know what sacrifice and renunciation is, especially as a teenager and wanting to have fun with your peers.

I believe that sport, no matter what, shapes character and personality.

What has motivated you to workout and live a healthy/fit lifestyle?

I have been model for several years and having a perfect figure has always been very important. I have to say that I got a lot from God! I’m naturally slim, so I don’t need to diet. But that doesn’t mean I do nothing. I have to take care of myself. When you are more than 20 years old, you start to see that being thin is not everything!

What is your training program like? What types of training does your training program include?

My training style if more bodybuilding. Some people when they hear that they are surprised….hahaha! They are wrong if they think I will be Schwarzenegger soon! For women it is not so easy build the muscle, but we can loose them very easily!

I start my training with cardio (running or stepper -40 min) and then heavy weight -proportional to my weight. I really like the upper body machines and hate squats. But sqauts are for me very important so I do a lot of them.

I try working out around 3-4 times a week but, I travel so is not that easy! But even for hotel rooms I have special training.

I’m working out to build muscle whole my body,especially arms and butt. It’s very important stay motivated and be systematic with training!!! Only then can you count on results!!!

What is your diet like? Do you eat clean year round or only when you are focused on specific goals?

I’m not super super crazy about diet, but I do care what I eat. Generally I eat the same things, year round. I try to eat enough protein (meat ,eggs ,nuts), reduce my carbohydrates-sweets and breads -unfortunately I love them….hahaha! And I eat a lot of vegetables and some fruits. I drink a lot of water, less sweets drinks, and will occasionally have some alcohol.

Sometimes happened I eat super unhealthy food but it is ok because it is only some of the time.

Waat is your favorite cheat meal?

My favorite cheat meal is pizza and cake, I could eat them every day hahaha!

Fitness and healthy food is my lifestyle. It’s my choice and makes me HAPPY. I may even be addicted to it….hahaha!

Are you married? Have any children? How old are they?

I’m a single right now and don’t have any children, yet. But this is my big wish!

Does your family follow your lead and live a healthy active lifestyle?

I’m very lucky and happy because my family and friends follow my healthy lifestyle .

What does the future hold for you? Any upcoming competitions? Where do you see your fitness lifestyle taking you?

To live a healthy lifestyle we first need to be HEALTHY!!!! And secondly to look better, we can not forget what is the most important thing…..being healthy!

Keep up with Joanna on her facebook page: /Joanna-Tuczynska-Official

Cover image: Voyo Bakiewicz

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