Ann-Sofie Lykke Gustavsen

Ann-Sofie Lykke Gustavsen

Ann-Sofie is a gorgeous, 32 year old blonde from Denmark, Copenhagen. Though Ann-Sofie has always been active, participating in horse riding and dance, she’s only been working out for the past 2 years.

Always the “skinny type”, thin and unable to add weight no matter what she ate, Ann-Sofie had to change her diet to gain mass. Her offseason diet is now roughly 4500 calories a day. She’s not a fanatic about her diet, mostly eating clean she told us, but on occasion she’s been known to devour a little pizza or candy (strictly in the offseason though).

Ann-Sofie is 169cm (6′ 6.5″) tall and carries an offseason weight of 64kg (141 lbs). She is now prepping for the Danish National Championships, October 4th, competing in bikini, and plans on stepping one stage at round 59kg (130 lbs). To step on stage, Ann-Sofie has dropped her calories down to 2600 per day and is doing minimal cardio.

Though she has an inspiring physique, Ann-Sofie’s does not aspire to compete a lot. Working out for her is to stay strong and maintain a healthy body. Health and fitness gives Ann-Sofie the positives in her life. Plus she needs to be in shape to keep up with her 5 year old son, Noah.

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