Female Muscle Growth – Fantasy Muscle

Many areas of fantasy muscle stem from Female Muscle Growth or FMG. We’re not talking supplements, techniques or training here… this is sexual fetish! Female Muscle Growth is the fantasy of women growing large, powerful muscles, sometimes at unnatural rates and sizes. FMG fetishists are attracted to female bodybuilders but also have fantasies that go […]

Hulking Out & Shirt Ripping

Ever since the Incredible Hulk appeared in the pages of Marvel comics, people have dreamt of growing instant, explosive muscles, tearing their shirts off and going “Green”. Hulk Hogan added to this and tore his shirt off before each wrestling match. Even Clark Kent rips open his shirt to reveal Superman beneath. This process is […]

Fantasy Muscle Artist Spotlight

Fantasy Muscle: Artist Spotlight on Jebriodo Area Orion – There are many amazing artists that love and depict strong, muscular women in their art. One of the finest is Jebriodo (Jed Dougherty). His works primarily depicts female strength and power, as expressed through physical mass and energy. There is a fantastic, surreal and often […]

Area Orion Muscle Morph Masquerade Ball

For details on “the ball” check out Ben’s Area Orion blog. “I’m a big fan of the female muscular form and was surprised to find some images I had on a flash drive were morphed into massive, gorgeous women I’ve only dreamed about. This blog is intended to showcase those found images and document my […]

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