Fifty Shade of Grey My Way

Fifty Shade of Grey My Way


My name is Sheila and I have always been a tomboy even though I am very attractive. I have black hair and dark brown eyes. I am five feet, seven inches tall, six feet when I wear high heels and I weigh one hundred and fifty five pounds. I have a very shapely, sexy body. I have always been very strong and muscular and I have always liked to wrestle big guys. I guess, maybe it’s because I win every time I wrestle a guy. I’d love to wrestle you because I know I could beat you, too. I would get you into a tight hold and pin you down. I am so strong that I could do leg squats while holding you across my shoulders. I could do my bench press exercises using you as the bar. I just want you to know how strong I really am so I can prepare you for what’s to come in my story. Recently I have been thinking about starting domination sessions. I would dress in a tight black leather outfit and thigh-high black leather boots. I would flex my big muscles for you and you could rub your hands all over them and watch them pump and bulge. I would intimidate and humiliate you. I would challenge you to wrestle and grapple with you until you were really turned on. Can you imagine what it would feel like if I took my huge quads and wrapped them around your neck?

I became interested in domination about five years ago. I was in my senior year at college and since I preferred guys’ sports, I spent most of my time hanging out with the guys on the team. I had a really strong interest in bodybuilding and wrestling and when the coaches at school found out how superior I was to the other girls, they let me join the guys’ teams. That is when I really became good and even more athletic. My muscles were just starting to bulge and I used to show off by flexing my huge biceps in front of everyone at school. Alex, another student into bodybuilding and wrestling, became very jealous of my athletic ability. He knew that I had a more muscular body than even he had and he used to watch me leave the gym every day…….

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  1. Deane  February 14, 2015 at 1:28 am

    I can definitely imagine you wrapping your large quads around my neck. What I can’t imagine is you flexing very hard or at all. Too bad you’re not near me so you could practice your technique on me and possibly laugh if I frantically tapped.


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