The Growing Woman
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The Growing Woman
Part One

I have a very interesting story to tell you. It concerns an extremely secretive part of my life that I have kept to myself for many years, but now I would like to share the story with you.
     I look like your average, everyday female. I am 5í7Ē and I weigh about 132 lbs. I have strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. I am not very muscular or athletic, but I have always wished that I were. I read all of the muscle magazines and imagine myself looking like the female bodybuilders that I see pictures of. I love their big strong biceps and powerful legs. I always thought that one day I would start working out and develop this body of mine. I am just a nerd though.
    wimp001.jpg I work in a lab as a research scientist. You can imagine how boring my life must be. I work from 8 AM to 6 PM and after that, I really never have much going on. I just go home and read. I donít have a boyfriend, of course. Iím way too shy and doofy to catch the eye of any man. My self-confidence is so low that I walk with my head down most of the time and bump into things like walls, people, street signs.
     Well my whole life changed soon after that. You see, I was working in the lab late one evening when I stumbled upon the strangest thing. I gave this red potion that I had mixed to a small gerbil and well the thing just grew and grew into a monster! It got to be about 150 lbs. and about five feet high!
     I couldnít believe my eyes! I didnít know what to do and I knew that I could not let any one see my creation. They would kill it and then fire me. So, I stayed all night watching the big gerbil running in circles trying to cut the rope that I had tied to it with itís huge razor sharp teeth.
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