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Angela Mraz Update 2012



Wallpaper: Danielle and Teri 1312 wide

Michelle Obama Biceps


[we ran this piece 4 years ago at inauguration time]
Since the inauguration is next week, it’s about that time to take a closer look at the soon-to-be-first-lady’s fitness regime. With workouts not her priority, she says being “mom in chief” is, Michelle trains three times a week with a personal trainer, and news reports say she does cardio on a treadmill at 4:40am. She says she tries to eat healthy most the time, and her weakness is french fries.

“I go to the gym three times a week — as often as I can, really. I work with a fabulous trainer for about an hour each session. We do a lot of cardio and weight training. For me, exercise is more than just physical — it’s therapeutic. I make it a point to get in a good work out when we’re home for a day or two between campaign trips. It’s an incredible release and a priority for me”

Michelle is also breaking tradition slightly by wearing sleeveless shirts, something she did on the campaign trail quite a lot. If you think, most political wives don’t wear sleeveless attire. We’re not ready to petition the IFBB for a pro card for her or anything, but she is in pretty good shape for a first lady.

Angela Mraz

A few pics of Angela Mraz. The Columbian born beauty and New Jersey resident is a multiple time WNBF World Champion, WNBF Northeast Figure Classic Champion and is sponsored by supplement company MHP. In 2003 she played a extra on the TV series ‘Sex and the City’….quite fitting I think.


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All photos by Reg Bradford

Russian Female Bodybuilding Photographer Martin Schoeller


Stephanie Kessler

Featuring photos of some of the top names in female bodybuilding, these shots are very starkly contrasted against a plain white background, and somehow capture an insane amount of intensity in all of the women’s eyes. Click through for many more photos.

Maria Rita Penteado Female Bodybuilder Squats

Maria Rita Penteado on Facebook

Female Muscle Pull-Ups

By Catherine Holland, IFBB Star.

Mixed male female armwrestling

Still one of our and your) favorite scenarios.

Irina Derkacheva

Derkacheva Irina is champion of Ukrainian Bodybuilding
Date of Birth: on June, 27th, 1980
Place of Birth: Kherson, Ukraine
Height : 168 сm
Weight: 67 kg
Marital Status: single;
Achievements in sport:
Ukraine Cup 2004 – III place;
Ukraine Cup 2005 – I Place ;
Championship of Ukraine 2005 – ІІ Place (NABBA).
Ukraine Cup 2006 – ІІ Place ;
The Championship of Ukraine 2006 – ІIІ Place (NABBA).
Championship NABBA of Ukraine 2007 – ІІ Place

Claire Rohrbacker-O’Connell

Claire Rohrbacker-O’Connell has been lifting weights since she was 14 years old, and competed as a teen bodybuilder from the age of 16 years old. She competed in various shows, and won the lightweight class in both the Teen Nationals and the Teen USA. She stopped competing when she was 21, and many years later decided to make a ‘comeback’ in 2004.

Arnold Classic Expo Candids

more photos HERE

Canadian Female Bodybuilding Star Julie Bourassa

We features Julie a few years ago and now she and her website are growing. Here is one of her photos for public distribution. Let Julie know you discovered her on Femalemuscle.