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Bigger is Better – Aleesha Young

When it comes to size, 27 year old Utah native Aleesha Young has more than her fair share. Reminiscent of a modern day Tina Lockwood, Aleesha has packed serious muscle on to your young frame.

Muscular as a young girl, Aleesha really didn’t like her physique and tried to run it off to lose the unwanted muscle. Realizing that strategy wasn’t working, at 15 she turned to the gym and began training with her father. Within a year, Aleesha was squatting 405. A feat seldom accomplished by many, twice her age.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Aleesha hit the stage at 23 and became the Utah State Champion. Stepping up to the national stage, she has competed in the NPC Nationals and the USA Championship. In the mix of competitions is also a heavyweight and overall win at the 2010 Southern States.

Aleesha has thickness and density to go with her 405 squat and her 315 bench. Boasting 17 1/2 inch biceps and 28 inch quads, it’s no wonder that this muscle phenom is always on the minds of you female muscle fans. I’m expecting BIG things for this BIG beautiful lady, let’s see what 2012 has in store for her….. and us!




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Mia Finnegan

Mia Finnegan, who among so many other accomplishments was the winner of the very first Fitness Olympia. For one thing, she was discovered by IM’s Lonnie Teper, who encouraged her to compete. For another, her photo shoot with Michael Neveux back in 1993 was her first big one in the industry. So when Neveux announced during his recent shoot with the now-43-year-old mother of three, “Mia Finnegan is back!” there was a bit more to it than the customary cooing of a photographer to his subject.

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Amazing Amanda Adams

Q: How did you get into fitness modeling?

A:I’ve always loved working out and staying in shape, however it wasn’t until college when my boyfriend’s roommate, who is now my trainer, Zack Bell, started talking about Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, Jamie Eason, Protein shakes, etc.. and introduced me to this amazing fitness industry! I started reading the success stories of all these beautiful fitness models, and realized this is what I want to do! I wasn’t sure how to start, but as I was looking through some of Jamie Eason’s pictures I came across, Satio Photography. I admired and respected every fitness model Satio worked with, and I wanted to be one.  Soon after shooting with her, I stepped into the world of fitness modeling and I LOVE IT!

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Celebrity Summer Booty

Lady GagaSummer is almost here, so we thought we’d throw some pictures up of some tanned and toned celebs. Here we have pictured Lady Gaga.

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Tara Scotti

There was a little girl in Queens New York, who just loved to perform in front of a crowd. She took dance lessons such as Ballet, Tap, and Jazz from the early age of two until she was a teenager. She performed at recitals every year and felt very natural and comfortable on the stage. She loved the crowd’s reaction and the feeling she got when all eyes were on her even more than the actual dance. As she became more mature, she would enter talent shows and competitions, as she was very competitive by nature. She possessed an inherent drive to win whatever competition she entered, and would work very hard at making sure that she would. In college she organized Fashion shows and was the MC at most of them. Performing in front of a large audience was euphoric. After college, there was a period of her life where there were no crowds, no audience, and no competitions. It seemed like it was all but in the past. That is, until she discovered Fitness Competitions.

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Ava Cowan is making moves.

Ava Cowan, is making moves and getting serious attention. Ava has graced over 20 magazine covers such as Iron Man, Fitness RX and Status and is in virtually every fitness magazine around the world. She is now competing as an IFBB Figure Pro and has just opened a sports nutrition store called Pro Sports Nutrition located in Delray Beach, Florida.
Replete with brains, beauty and brawn, Cowan gives new meaning to the word hardcore. Her insanely well-proportioned body, vast knowledge of exercise science and inspiring story have led her to become one of the most talked about and sought-after fitness “it” girls in the industry.
Already a certified personal training specialist from the renowned Fitness Institute in Boca Raton, Florida, Ava began to pursue work. Realizing her potential, she decided to turn her passion for a healthy lifestyle into a career and discovered her path as a figure competitor. She was able to harness her rock solid work ethic, knowledge of exercise science, and intense personal passion, to move herself forward at a breakneck pace.

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Marika Johannson Gallery

Marika was originally from Sweden, she has 4 brothers that kept her pretty active. She has been involved in sports since she was just a child. At 18 she started training with weights and noticed her body responded very well and that’s when she knew that bodybuilding was the sport for her. In 1992 she did her first show, since then she has only been improving everyday.

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Female Biceps Still a Big Thing

Female Bodybuilder and Female Biceps. You may not have one without the other (guns)!

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