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Claire Rohrbacker-O’Connell

Claire Rohrbacker-O’Connell has been lifting weights since she was 14 years old, and competed as a teen bodybuilder from the age of 16 years old. She competed in various shows, and won the lightweight class in both the Teen Nationals and the Teen USA. She stopped competing when she was 21, and many years later decided to make a ‘comeback’ in 2004.

Arnold Classic Expo Candids

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Canadian Female Bodybuilding Star Julie Bourassa

We features Julie a few years ago and now she and her website are growing. Here is one of her photos for public distribution. Let Julie know you discovered her on Femalemuscle.

LeslieRae Newton: Hello to Our Colleague and Friend

We know you want more or Leslie Rae Newton, here is the latest.

Lori Video Investigations Live With the Dead Ghosts at Mt. Washington Hotel

Lori fears no man or woman, dead, alive or haunted. Even on her vacations, she is a ghost hunter, albeit with some muscle and style.

“In room 314 there supposedly still exists a hand turned and handcrafted four-poster bed that Carolyn shared with her first husband. Some have reported seeing a woman on the bed’s edge, slowly brushing her hair. Could it be that Carolyn Stickney still longs for some form of rest, even in spirit form?” (realhaunts)

Katy Wayman-White First Place Master Female Bodybuilder

FIRST PLACE IFPA Galaxy Elite Pro Masters
August 18, 2012 – Troy, AL

Marina Richardsson Swedish Beauty

Marina Richardsson is a Swedish figure competitor with a figure we couldn’t help but share with you!

2009th nominated to this year’s contestants of Pro Gym bbk.Stockholm
2009th 8th European Championship +168
2009th 4th Sweden Grand Prix Overall
2009th 1st Sweden Grand Prix +163
2009th 12: a Arnold Classic Amateur +168
2008th 7th World Championship +168
2007th 5th SM-Body Fitness +163
2006th First Lucia Body Fitness (Fitness Festival) +163
2005th 3rd Lucia Body Fitness (Fitness Festival) +163
2005th 3rd SM-Body Fitness +163
2004th 3rd Nutrition Outlet Grand Prix Body Fitness +164
2001th December 1 Cup Athletic Fitness +164

A Female Bodybuilding Movie Short by Gala Goliani

About Gala Goliani

Catherine Boshuizen


Catherine is worth a Google and she does push the envelope.

Nikol Kešelová Czech Female Bodybuilder


The buzz on Nikol has hit the boards, shouts one Amaz0ns posting: “Incredible! She ranks up there with the hottest abs I’ve seen! Next to Julie Lohre and Karen Zaremba.”

Marnie Power, the Name Fits

Marnie Power, Canadian female bodybuilder.

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Paloma Parra