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China’s Michelle Jin wins May 2014 NPC Junior USA Championship


Michelle Jin, 40 years old, has won the National Physique Committee Junior USA Championship which took place in May 2014. Jin was also featured in Muscular Development, one of the most famous bodybuilding magazines in North America.

Born in a small village in Wenzhou, east China’s Zhejiang province, Jin was raised in a fairly conservative family, where bodybuilding was probably not considered a true career course.

However, 9 years after Jin went to the U.S. in 1996, Jin was introduced to a gym by a friend and became obsessed with working out and developing her physique.

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The Romanian from Ireland: Nicoleta Chiorean

Nicoleta is in love with the fitness industry and has been making her presence known in the competition arena. She was educated in bible study, math and physical education growing up in Romania at Emanuel High School, before attending Journalism College. She also studied computers, English, Spanish, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Cardiac First Responder and Personal Training in Dublin, Ireland. She is presently attending college where she is studying nutrition, sport psychology and management.

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IFBB Nicole Ball Biography and Gallery


It is too easy to get lost in this IFBB Pro. Nicole Ball has a jaw dropping physique and a face that makes your heart stop. What you may not know about her is she owned her own restaurant before putting it up for sell, moving and working for an oilfield company.

Home Town: Viking, Alberta
Birthday: August 16, 1976
Height: 5 ‘4″
Weight: 130lbs (contest); 145lbs (off-season)
Current residence: Alberta, Canada
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The Hungry Hungarian: Bettina Nagy


Bettina is my name and I am a Fitness Model. When I was younger I was involved in hip-hop dancing for 5 years and then I stopped, and then started again. The weight workouts I did for 2.5 years, and got me addicted to this way of life.

At the beginning of my career, when my mom first took me to the gym and then I was only able to go to the corner and exercise only on a treadmill, but there are lessons because I did not know this world since I was 16. I have since outgrown these fears and have made fitness my way of life and career.

I am glad that my family so much support and a lot of love and thank them for their perseverance and my fans.

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Cristiana Casoni: More of Italy’s beauty.

This is beautiful Italian IFBB professional Cristiana Casoni.

Cristiana is 5’4 and weighs 136 pounds.
She was born on July 11th, 1968.
Cristiana has been in the fitness scene quite awhile as you can see here in her contest history…..

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The Beautiful and Amazing Sheryl Lau

Bio taken from Sheryl’s Fitness Stars Network Page:

My real full name is:
Sheryl Ann Lau

This is what I do:
I am a mother and fitness fanatic. I own my own business running “Booty Camps” in my subdivision, I have been a manger of a fitness center for 9 years, am a personal trainer, Spin instructor, Mat Pilates instructor, and Group Fitness Instructor.

Within the Fitness Industry, I am:
Figure Model, Athlete, Fitness Event Staff, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Bootcamp Instructor, Fitness Business Owner

Within the Fitness Industry, I am also:
a bikini/figure competitor.

This is my website:

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Debi Laszewski Gallery

Debi is a Professional Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer and Model.

She started lifting after being motivated by the movie “Terminator”.

She did her first competition at the age of 24. It was a natural show and she won her class.

Debi turned pro after winning her class at the 2006 Nationals in Miami.

Debi is now the #3 ranked professional Bodybuilder in the world. Check out her impressive Bodybuilding career below:


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Facebook Profile: Dayana Cadeau

Dayana is a professional female bodybuilder from Canada.

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