Female. 20 Inch Arms. Proven

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Renee Toney is one the largest female bodybuilders in history. At a competition weight of over 200lbs [yes I typed that correctly] she boasts arm measurements of just over 20 inches.

For anyone who isn’t a hardcore bodybuilding aficionado, claims of 20 inch arms are regularly disbelieved from male bodybuilders.

Don’t believe me? Hop onto a bodybuilding forum and post you have 20″ guns and wait for the onslaught of “STFU/LOL/WTF/Liar/Bullshit etc“. Despite outlandish claims made by many, 20″ arms are pretty hard to obtain and very rare…for males.

That measurement is generally thought to be not even feasible for females [discounting the obese of course].

Well Renee had her arms measured proving her claims of 20 inchers, and with the wonders of modern technology shared it with the world. Watch below…

If anyone cares, my arms are 10.5″, however in my defence my quads are 20″ so please take that into consideration.

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  1. MarcusAurel December 19, 2009 at 3:40 pm #

    Renne was hot in her prime!
    It’ll take another 5 till 10 years until one of our bodybuilders today will reach her biceps size!

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