Iris Kyle: Sheer Dominance

Iris Kyle completely dominated the female bodybuilding division – which is no easy feat as the entire lineup consisted of the best of the best. In Olympia judging, the lower the score the better and in all 4 rounds Iris recieved 5 points – meaning perfect scores across the board, and was the only Olympia […]

Finally! Dexter Jackson wins the Olympia

Okay, yes I am biased I have long been a Dexter fan, so it truly makes me happy to report than Dexter Jackson won his first ever Olympia title. Defending champion Jay Cutler placed 2nd, with newcomer Phil Heath in 3rd in his rookie showing [the highest showing by a rookie in over 15 years]. […]

Jennifer Gates wins Figure Olympia

Jennifer Gates won her first Olympia title, with defending champion Jenny Lynn knocked down to 4th, and shemuscleraw model Mary Lado in 5th. Top 6: 1st. Jennifer Gates 2nd. Gina Aliotti 3rd. Ziville Raudoniene 4th. Jenny Lynn 5th. Mary Lado 6th. Sonia Adcock Read more about Jennifer Gates in an interview she did with Fitgems […]

Olympia Female Bodybuilding Prejudging

Prejudging is over for the Ms Olympia, and callouts seem to dictate that reigning champ Iris Kyle will win again. Unsubstantiated rumour has it that one female bodybuilder passed out [?] 1st Callout: Iris Kyle Yaxeni Oriquen Dayana Cadeau Betty Viana-Adkins Lisa Aukland 2nd Callout: Cathy Lefrancois Betty Pariso Mah Ann Mendoza Jeanie Paparone Sent […]

2008 Fitness & Figure Olympia Prejudging

Prejudging for the Fitness and Figure divisions is over, below are the fitness callouts: 1st Callout: Tracey Greenwood Jen Hendershot Julie Palmer Kim Sheideler [formerly Klein] 2nd Callout: Regina Desilva Tanji Johnson Julie Lohre Trish Warren Mindi Obrien 3rd Callout: Nicole Dunkin Stacy Simons Latisha Jackson Erin Riley Heidi Fletcher 5th Callout Julie Palmer Jen […]