Finally! Dexter Jackson wins the Olympia

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Okay, yes I am biased I have long been a Dexter fan, so it truly makes me happy to report than Dexter Jackson won his first ever Olympia title. Defending champion Jay Cutler placed 2nd, with newcomer Phil Heath in 3rd in his rookie showing [the highest showing by a rookie in over 15 years].

After 10 Olympia appearences and 47 contests overall, Dexter finally claimed the biggest prize in bodybuilding. The 38 year old Jacksonville Florida native and father of four wins $155,000, and as he is sponsored by Muscletech he also recieves a healthy bonus from them for this win making it a huge payday for him.

Mr. Olympia Final Results
1. Dexter Jackson
2. Jay Cutler
3. Phil Heath
4. Dennis Wolf
5. Toney Freeman
6. Melvin Anthony
7. Silvio Samuel
8. Dennis James
9. Mo Elmoussawi
10. Gustavo Badell
11. Darrem Charles
12. Johnnie Jackson
13. Craig Richardson
14. Ronny Rockel
15. David Henry
16. Kevin English
17T. Fouad Abiad
17T. Sergey Shelestov
17T. Leo Ingram

Video of the final announcement:

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