Jay Cutler Takes 2009 Mr. Olympia

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We can now call Jay Cutler the comeback kid. This weekend, not only did he win the 2009 Mr. Olympia crown, but Jay Cutler also set an Olympian-sized precident…he became the first Mr. Olympia to lose bodybuilding’s most coveted title, and then regain it once again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu both took several years off from competition in between victories, but neither of them lost during that time. Jay Cutler is now the only Mr. Olympia to have made a successful comeback from a defeat.

The following video features Jay Cutler going head to head with the 2008 Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson.

2009 Mr. Olympia Final Results

1. Jay Cutler
2. Branch Warren
3. Dexter Jackson
4. Kai Greene
5. Phil Heath
6. Victor Martinez
7. Ronny Rockel
8. Toney Freeman
9. Hidetada Yamagishi
10. Moe El Moussawi
11. Melvin Anthony (tie)
11. Silvio Samuel (tie)
13. Gustavo Badell
14. Dennis James
15. Markus Ruhl
16. Troy Alves
16. Darrem Charles
16. Martin Kjellstrom
16. Bill Wilmore
16. Dennis Wolf
16. Joel Stubbs
16. Michael Kefalianos
16. Ahmad Haidar

2009 Olympia 202 Showdown Final Placings

1. Kevin English
2. David Henry
3. Eduardo Correa
4. Mark Dugdale
5. James “Flex” Lewis
6. Jose Raymond
7. Richard “Tricky” Jackson
8. Jason Arntz
9. Lee Powell
10. John Hodgson
11. Charles Dixon
12. Kris Dim
13. Clarence DeVis
14. Stan McQuay
15. Daryl Gee

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