Flex Bikini Wades Though the “Talent”

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It is widely known that the Flex Bikini search was less than stellar. The parade of pot-bellies, jello-legs and presentation that lacks, well presentation, was the talk of the weekend. The judges, somehow, paid enough attention to notice the girls who do represent what a “bikini search” should represent!

The top 16 girls for 2009 are:

1. Amanda Latona
2. Mary Jarmolawich
3. Tianna Ta
4. Michell Goulet
5. Shannon Rockweiler
6. Tatum Miranda
7. Lauren Rush
8. Natalia Muntean
9. Krissy Richards
10. Fernanda Rocha
11. Katie Barnes
12. Ashley Zito
13. Tiffany Radzwill
14. Lindsay Huber
15. Deborah Cochrell
16. Kelly Willis

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