2005 Olympia Female Bodybuilders

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Featuring Ms. Olympia 2005, Yaxeni Oriquen.
Plus Iris Kyle, Dayana Cadeau, Jitka Harazimova, Brenda Raganot, Bonny Priest, Betty Viana, Betty Pariso, Rosemary Jennings, Antoinette Norman, Mah-Ann Mendoza, Tonia Williams, Annie Rivieccio, Marja Lehtonen, and Desiree Ellis!
Photography by Vincent Roberts.
Vincent Roberts is a photographer from Bermuda. He would like to thank Lori Braun and Lauren Powers for all their help and support, and was very pleased to have met all the wonderful people at the Olympia 2005. He Is looking forward to working with femalemuscle.com again in the near future.

Lori Braun

Lori Braun

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One Response to "2005 Olympia Female Bodybuilders"

  1. sammy smith  November 12, 2005 at 7:38 pm

    Yes, I must say guys you are happy for yaxeni and that’s great.. but let’s keep its real… She has been in the sport a long time but that’s no reason to be given a win of any show.. A complete package let’s not kid ourselves.. IRIS KYLE is by far the “BEST”competitor that hit the stage including the times of Cory Eversons and the Lenda Murrays…. And it sad to think among this whole arena is she(iris) followed the 20% rule which wasnt implement and she managed to still look “Awesome”… She’s a trooper in my eyes and many others… So if you guys really cared be honest and simple congrat Yaxeni for her hard work but she cant touch IRIS KYLE by far… They both display two different physique… I’m not taking anything from Yaxeni she great too.. but Yaxeni had a physique which could land her at the best third place only from my eyes.. But Yaxeni being the winner would never admit this is true… Why would she…. I was there front row and the judges should judge the competitors physique and physiques only… IRIS KYLE losing the symmetrical round that’s the biggest gimmick of all time… People keep it real…. Peace


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