Bill Dobbins

12,000 Female Bodybuilding Photos on Facebook and growing

12,000 Female Bodybuilding Photos on Facebook and growing


To see the work of legendary Bill Dobbins, Click Here THE ATHLETIC FEMALE BODY:
THE GREEKS DIDN’T HAVE A WORD FOR IT! If tradition doesn’t include the ideal of the athletic female physique – 
maybe it’s time to start a new tradition! By Bill Dobbins People tend to have strong feelings and deeply held opinions when […]


CLICK FOR INFO ON BOOKING A PHOTO SHOOT WITH BILL DOBBINS AT HIS LA STUDIO The Need For Quality Photographs By Bill Dobbins Not every young woman is “model attractive” but given how many pretty girls there are who get into modeling and specifically into fitness modeling the total number is pretty large. When you […]

Michelle Andrea Sexy Bill Dobbins Shoot

Michelle Andrea is an amazing athlete that Bill Dobbins camera fell in love with. He has done some amazing work and has posted 54 new photos displaying Michelle’s magnificent muscles in the Bill Dobbins Premium Site. Female Muscle has moved the site to a more robust server to handle all the demand, and has new video updates from […]

Number 96 Skye Ryland

Top 100 female bodybuilders of all time, No. 96 – Skye Ryland.We dug this picture out of our own archives, and here is a link to Bill Dobbins naked Playboy photograph of Skye TALKLIVE TO FEMALE BODYBUILDERS 313-263-3935 CLICK HERE FOR MY INFO OR JUST CALL!


BIG CAN BE BEAUTIFUL By Bill Dobbins When bodybuilding for women first started in the late 1970s and early 1980s the competitors got very muscular but they weren’t very big. Female bodybuilding was mostly a dieting contest back then. It takes a fairly long time for even the genetically gifted to pack on a lot […]

FemaleMuscle Presents: The Works of Bill Dobbins

FemaleMuscle has teamed up with one of the fore-fathers of women’s bodybuilding, Bill Dobbins. Bill Dobbins has been in the game since the conception of female bodybuilding in the IFBB and NPC. During the last few decades, he has had the opportunity to shoot with some of the biggest names and best physiques in the […]

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