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Instead of more bikini contests what we need is more physique categories

By Bill Dobbins

I see a lot of female physique competitors who go into figure because they don’t think they can – or don’t want to – get as big and muscular as either amateur or pro bodybuilding champions. However, although you can make a lot of changes to the body with dieting and training, there seems to be very distinct differences in the genetics of bodybuilders vs. figure competitors. Like the story of the Ugly Duckling, ducks are ducks and swans are swans and wanting to be something other than you are doesn’t really accomplish anything.

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To see the work of legendary Bill Dobbins, Click Here

If tradition doesn’t include the ideal of the athletic female physique – 
maybe it’s time to start a new tradition!
By Bill Dobbins

People tend to have strong feelings and deeply held opinions when it comes to the subject of women’s bodies. For example:

  • (1)  In the eyes of many men and women, women with muscles—no matter how beautiful, shapely and curvaceous they might otherwise be—have ruined their bodies by allowing them to become masculinized.  In their minds, muscles = masculine and women with muscles have therefore disregarded a natural and innate distinction between the genders. Muscle on women is seen as some sort of violation of Natural Law.
  • (2)  A lot of men cannot see the female body except in terms of their own specific sexual preferences.  In terms of body type or degree of physical development, if it doesn’t turn them on—if they don’t want to go to bed with it—they’re against it.  The fact that there may be some other standard by which to judge women and their physical attributes never enters into the discussion.

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Debbie Bramwell Through the Eyes of Bill Dobbins

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Debbie Bramwell

IFBB Pro Debbie Bramwell is one of the hottest and sexiest bodybuilders on the stage today. Her long flowing dark hair frames her beautiful face and who can help but be drawn to her amazing physique. Debbie is definitely what muscle dreams are made of. Now you can share Debbie through the eyes of infamous Bill Dobbins.

Bill has been photographing bodybuilders for several decades and has worked with some of the most amazing physiques in the sport. Check out the gallery of Debbie as only Bill can see her. You’;; quickly realize why he is one of the very best photographers in the business.




The Need For Quality Photographs
By Bill Dobbins

Not every young woman is “model attractive” but given how many pretty girls there are who get into modeling and specifically into fitness modeling the total number is pretty large. When you take every one who is the prettiest in her gym, her school, or even her town or state and you put them all in one place (like the Arnold or Olympia Expos or the FIBO in Germany) you’ve got a staggeringly large group.

Some of these young women just want to model and they need photos for their portfolios. But large percentages are also fitness, figure or bodybuilding competitors and they need pictures to promote and publicize themselves, for websites and Facebook and to sign and sell. Where can get the necessary photos? Until recently the physique magazines assigned a lot of photos of women from the fitness industry but this is happening less often. Also, the photos they do assign tend to be more along the lines of “cheesecake” than pictures celebrating and glamorizing the female physique. These T&A photos are fine as far as they go but they tend to make the models all look pretty much alike and they are often designed to minimize the physiques these women have trained and dieted so hard to create rather than to show their real sculptural qualities.
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Michelle Andrea Sexy Bill Dobbins Shoot

Michelle Andrea is an amazing athlete that Bill Dobbins camera fell in love with. He has done some amazing work and has posted 54 new photos displaying Michelle’s magnificent muscles in the Bill Dobbins Premium Site.

Female Muscle has moved the site to a more robust server to handle all the demand, and has new video updates from Bill Dobbins that will be appearing very soon! Become a part of the action and don’t miss a thing!

Contest History:

Nationals – NPC, MiddleWeight, 1st
USA Championships – NPC, MiddleWeight, 2nd
World Amateur Championships – IFBB, MiddleWeight, 8th

Jan Tana Pro Classic – IFBB, 7th

Ms International – IFBB, 9th

Number 96 Skye Ryland

Top 100 female bodybuilders of all time, No. 96 – Skye Ryland.skye_ryland.jpgWe dug this picture out of our own archives, and here is a link to Bill Dobbins naked Playboy photograph of Skye


Muscle Photographer Bill Dobbins: Maria Calo In Boots

More Maria via Dobbins atPremium Dobbins on Female Muscle:

My name is Maria Calo, I am Italo-Argentinian
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By Bill Dobbins

When bodybuilding for women first started in the late 1970s and early 1980s the competitors got very muscular but they weren’t very big. Female bodybuilding was mostly a dieting contest back then. It takes a fairly long time for even the genetically gifted to pack on a lot of mass so in those days the competitors simply hadn’t been training long enough to develop a lot of muscle. This kept the controversy to a minimum – along with the fact that the first Ms. Olympia was the very beautiful and marketable Rachel McLish.

Click below for full gallery access

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FemaleMuscle Presents: The Works of Bill Dobbins

FemaleMuscle has teamed up with one of the fore-fathers of women’s bodybuilding, Bill Dobbins. Bill Dobbins has been in the game since the conception of female bodybuilding in the IFBB and NPC. During the last few decades, he has had the opportunity to shoot with some of the biggest names and best physiques in the industry. But he didn’t just shoot the big names, he worked with some low-profile hotties that deserve all the attention of media favorites.

FemaleMuscle has developed a site especially for these galleries. Thousands of pictures, in various settings and tones. The home page will be updated with every addition to the member’s section of the site. The updates will be several times every month. These are big, beautiful updates – sometimes featuring more than 100 images and ALWAYS featuring the biggest names from the female bodybuilding, fitness, and figure world.

So come back every day and see the latest additions to the site. FemaleMuscle is currently offering a membership plan for $12.95 a month. This is a NO BRAINER. Take advantage of this offer NOW – as we add more content, the price goes up – and we are working hard to achieve that!

Women’s Photography, Bodybuilding, IFBB and NPC All Have One Thing In Common: Bill Dobbins

As Bill Dobbins’ story continues, he began to get further and further involved in the bodybuilding side of photography, in addition to his writing. I don’t know that any one could blame him. He has a career surrounded by the best physiques in the world!

As an author, he collaborated with Ken Sprague (owner of the Venice Gold’s) on the original “Gold’s Gym Weight Training Book.” Because of that book, Arnold Schwarzenegger hired him to collaborate on “Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.”  He also wrote and did the photography for  “The Women: Photographs of the Top Female Bodybuilders,” featuring collection of pictures and profiles of the top physique women.

Bill’s ties with the NPC and IFBB run deep. He was appointed, by Ben Weider, to be the first liaison to female bodybuilding. He wrote the original set of competition rules for female bodybuilding for both the IFBB and the NPC and just before the 1992 Ms. Olympia, did a major rewrite of the IFBB rules.

His work was not exclusive to the Weider magazines. He has been published in many magazines such as MuscleMag International, Women’s Physique World, Muscular Development, Flex, Muscle Elegance, Penthouse, Playboy, Newlook France, Cosmopolitan, Hustler and others.

His days have not slowed down, they have just become more focused.

“Most of my time nowadays is devoted to my website,” says Bill. “Writing, photographing, designing and maintaining a 500 meg website (and growing) is a 24/7 proposition. The Internet provides a wonderful opportunity to communicate with the whole world without having to use major media corporations as intermediaries, but the amount of work involved in incredible – especially if you are doing most of it by yourself.”

You can find exclusive Bill Dobbins work on FemaleMuscle here.

Bill Dobbins: Debbie Bramwell on the Beach

FemaleMuscle is proud to host the exclusive pay photographic and video galleries Bill Dobbins, the photographer who has made female bodybuilders and bodybuilding famous for the last 30 years.

To preview and perhaps purchase this extraordinary body of work Click Here

Bill Dobbins features a video update of Debbie Bramwell this week. Stop by and marvel at Debbie’s beauty and powerful physique…

Bill’s site features 1000′s of Bill’s amazing photographs and hi-definition video. We will update this page every time we add more content to the member’s section of the site – which should happen at least once a week. These are big, beautiful updates – sometimes featuring more than 100 images and ALWAYS featuring the biggest names from the female bodybuilding, fitness, and bikini world.

Check it out.

Denise Masino & Tatiana Butler NBC Interview

Quite a nice clip of female bodybuilders Denise Masino and Tatiana Butler along with Bill Dobbins on an NBC TV show. They talk about life as a female bodybuilder, men’s reactions to them and Bill Dobbin’s Modern Amazon Book

It’s an older clip, and personally I think the ladies really represented themselves and the female bodybuilding community extremely well. It wasn’t one of those ‘freak show’ interview that seemed all too common at one point on Jenny Jones and the good old Geraldo show. It’s a good watch:

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