Vesna Kouzan IFBB Pro on Social Media

Vesna Kouzan IFBB Pro on Social Media
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Vesna Kouzan

I’ve always been involved in sports which was inevitable growing up with three older brothers who were very active. I started lifting lighter weights in the garage with my older brothers before my teens and then decided to join the local gym when I turned 13. I remember admiring the muscular physiques in the gym and saying to a friend of mine that I too would have a physique like that and compete one day. I started taking my training more seriously in my late teens/early twenties and entered my first show with the IFBB in the Open Figure category in 2004, placing 2nd in the state and 3rd in Australia. This was the moment that I threw myself fervently into my passion and have continued to compete as a Figure Athlete with the IFBB today.

Contest History

2004 – 2014 IFBB NSW & Nationals – 2nd and 3rd Place
2015 IFBB Australasian – 1st Place
2015 Arnold Classic Australia – 2nd Place

Training Schedule

I don’t really have a set day for a particular body part but to do have a weekly goal to train each body part a number of times in that week. I often decide on which body part to train once I walk into the gym. I train the body part I’m in the mood to train, this way I’m sure to give it my all and enjoy each session. I’ve been focusing on improving my hamstrings, back and shoulders while maintaining arms, chest, quads & glutes.

This is my training breakdown for the week:
Chest x 1 per week
Legs and glutes x 2 per week
Back x 2 per week
Shoulders x 2 per week.

Nutrition Schedule

I have a relatively clean and well balanced diet with fresh green smoothies, essential fats, chicken, fish, beef, fresh fruit and vegetables. I aim to have 6-8 meals per day depending on my goals at the time.

I usually start my day with a fresh green smoothie which I love and look forward to each morning. My other meals in the day consist of either chicken or fish with vegetables & rice. My final meal of the day is usually steak or salmon with roasted vegetables.

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