Thank you for buying my book on HOW TO MEET and DATE FEMALE BODYBUILDERS and FEMALE ATHLETES

Thank you for buying my book on HOW TO MEET and DATE FEMALE BODYBUILDERS and FEMALE ATHLETES
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A sincere thanks to all of you who have supported by buying my book.  I spent a lifetime compiling this information and have spent nearly two years writing and editing the finished copy and recording the audiobook.  This has been a life’s work and the reason I wrote it is because I have been asked these questions basically my whole life.IMG_2841

For those of you who are interested but still haven’t bought the book, I was New York City’s top underground dating coach for over 20 years and have personally coached thousands of men and they have had amazing results.  Until now I have never advertised and all of my clients came from previous very satisfied clients. In fact, even now, I am not advertising personal coaching services. I still have plenty of clients coming from referrals and I  don’t have the time to take on any others right now.  My personal goal is to create as many happy relationships as possible between the millions of single athletic women and the men who are attracted to them. I want to be able to reach the most people and keep it affordable and give myself some time to do other things as well. I will be releasing some great products that will help me have greater success with meeting, dating and having great relationships with athletic women.  If you are personally committed to improving this area of your life, no matter what you look like or how much money you make or how bad your current skill set is in this area, your social life is about to be transformed!  I have taken men who literally never had a date in their lives and turned them into the envy of most other men. My techniques are clear, simple and straightforward and any man can quickly master them! I have beta-tested this book on a few dozen men who were on my coaching waiting last and they report great results and more dates and greater confidence with athletic women.  If that’s your goal,  let’s get started right now!

“How To Meet, Date and Seduce Athletic Women” by Lori Victoria Braun

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