Simone Duus: Brute Beauty

Simone Duus: Brute Beauty
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simone duus

Simone Duus Ifbb athlete. Danish champion 2015🏆

How did you start?

I have always been active in my life, I used to train karate and boxing. I started bodybuilding one and a half years ago.

Ever think of quitting?

No, I never think about quitting the sport. My results the past year has been so good, that it only makes me want to work even harder.


No excuses, get to work. Everything is a matter of priority.

Healthy Treats?

I love chocolate protein cake and quest bars.


I eat things like: Oatmeal, chicken, beef, vegetables, sweet potatoes, eggs, rice, rice biscuits, nuts etc.

Ever crave unhealthy food?

Yes, It’s pretty often. But I don’t force myself to eat food. In my off-season I have a cheat meal once a week, but right now I’m on a diet.


When I train, I just listen to the music they play at the center. But when I do my cardio workout I put on my headphones and listen to whatever I have.


HIIT cardio or power walk (elevation 15% speed at 5 kph).

Weekly Routine?

  • Monday: Back, abs.
  • Tuesday: Morning – cardio. Evening – Legs.
  • Wednesday: Morning – cardio. Evening – Chest and arms.
  • Thursday: Rest + HIIT
  • Friday: Back and abs
  • Saturday: Morning – cardio. Evening – Shoulders and hamstring/glutes.
  • Sunday: Rest.

I do 3-4 sets, and super sets and drop sets.
I like to shift between heavy sets and light sets.

Favorite Athletes and/or inspirations?

Dana Linn Bailey, and Nicole Wilkins. 2 super cool women.


Liquid amino acids, Zma glutamine, creatine, protein powder, vitamin pills.

Future Goals?

I will compete first competition in September (2015). Right now I’m dead serious about how I train and eat, so I can get on that stage and kick some ass! In the beginning I just wanted to train, but my results came pretty fast, and motivated me to working harder and having a goal with all the hardwork I put into it.

Simone Duus


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