Monika Human Fitness Expert @polishmissfit

Monika Human Fitness Expert @polishmissfit

🍎 Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Coach 🏆 PRO Athlete 🏋🏽 Optimum Nutrition Athlete 👭 Women Empowerment 🍉 Food lover 🌍 Polish girl in Africa

I BREATHE, EAT, SLEEP a HEALTHY and ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. I am a fitness, nutrition and wellness expert. Im a qualified personal trainer specializing in womens health, pregnancy and child development. Im a sport conditioning coach, athletics coach, nutrition consultant and I am currently studying Life Coaching. I am a mom to two beautiful little girls. Im an absolute fitness fanatic who is passionate about wellness and nutrition, with a holistic approach, believing in the powerful connection between body and mind. Ive been surrounded by physical activity and health for as long as I can remember. I grew up being always involved in sports and competing in 100 meter sprinting on a professional level. Throughout the past 15 years I have built up great knowledge from various studies, reading many books and articles, testing out on myself and my family with different eating plans and training programs. I believe that the knowledge and experience I have gained gave me the ability to share information with others who are looking to improve their own health and lifestyle. I believe that you cannot teach others if you yourself do not live by the example therefore everything that I recommend, I have personally tested on myself. I thrive on exercise. There is nothing better than boost of endorphins after a great workout For me exercise is about challenging myself to see what I am capable of. Exercise must be fun, interesting and most of all EFFECTIVE. I change my training routine quite often to keep it interesting and to make sure that my body doesnt get used to a certain routine. I love body-weight training however I do like to use resistance in a form of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and resistance bands for that extra strength building and toning. In my training, I combine strength and cardio. The main focus is to boost fat burning, improve fitness levels and shape your body, ALL IN ONE SESSION. I love to superset everything. MY APPROACH TO HEALTH AND WELLNESS INVOLVES BEING IN TUNE WITH WHAT YOU THINK, FEEL, AND ACT. My mission is to empower and educate women in South Africa in fitness and health. Empowerment is more than helping someone. It is giving them the power and confidence to make healthy choices on their own. I am striving to empower individuals to a healthier lifestyle. I work within my philosophy to ensure that everyone I train will move closer to becoming the person they want to become and achieving the goals they want to achieve. IG/Twitter: @polishmissfit


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