New Wellness Trend: Chinese Cupping Therapy

New Wellness Trend: Chinese Cupping Therapy


Some say it’s pseudoscience, but this alternative therapy has recently become all the rage. Chinese cupping is a painful method of releasing knots and muscle tension, but from what many celebrities have said about it, it seems to do wonders! It’s been a while since it became a favourite among Hollywood beauties like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, who regularly go for the treatment. Recently, Bani J became the first Indian celebrity to try out this technique, and she loved it!

It seems like this started off as a trend among celebrities who are dedicatedly into fitness. Of course, it makes sense. For those who exercise a lot, muscle pain is a common issue, and that is exactly what this treatment addresses. How ironic, though, that a treatment for pain is so painful. But, from what it seems, it is worth it!


Chinese cupping is fast gaining popularity, with an ever increasing fanbase. There’s another celebrity that has been seduced by the power of this healing technique – none other than former Miss Universe contestant and actor Urvashi Rautela. Now we know what the new beauty secret of all the gorgeous women in the world is!

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