Lingerie Fighting Championship

“MMA like you've never seen it before!”

Lingerie Fighting Championship

Lingerie FightingWe recently came across a Facebook post that certainly caught our attention. “Lingerie” Fighting…..ok, like you, we were curious. We looked around a little on their Facebook page and even visited their website.

Now quite honestly, we never would have gone beyond their Facebook page. But one name popped up as being a “fighter”, so we needed to investigate a little further. Who…you ask? Jennifer Thomas. Now anyone that’s been around for any length of time, following fitness and figure, mixed wrestling, professional wrestling and now catch wrestling, is going to know who Jennifer Thomas is. If Jennifer’s involved, then we needed to take a look.

Based on the video previews, it looks like a scripted MMA tussle in lingerie, complete with the pro wrestling trash talk and moves. Would we watch it? Probably not, unless of course they get more serious competitors and athletes like Jennifer. But you decide for yourself. Chalk up another one for “sports entertainment”.

You can visit their website at:



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