Manon Verge Biography and Gallery

Manon Verge Biography and Gallery
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Full Name: Manon Verge

Weight Height Nationality Profession
115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg) 5’4″ (162.5cm) French Science Teacher, Pro Figure Competitor, Bodybuilder


Academic Achievements

Master teaching SVT – CAPES
Bachelor of Science in Life and Earth Sciences
Degree in Cell Biology and Physiology
DUT Biological Engineering

1st place Top de Colmar 2014&2016
1st place Gp Lyon 2014
1st place GP des Pyrénées 2016


Bodybuilding And Science

From France, Ajaccio, Manon Verge is a science teacher who loves training hard in the gym. She was always a skinny child growing up, and she’s been fighting to stay fit and strong her whole life. As Manon says, she likes “building an old school feminine body type with graceful proportions.”

She’s a huge believer in helping others and staying true to what she believes in, as Manon says; “I would be honored to know that I can inspire other people during my fitness journey, fitness is all about sharing the same passion, and motivating each other! So, never give your goal up!” – Manon Verge

Manon not only has a love for bodybuilding, but also a love for nature and science, she says, “I’m really fascinated by nature, landscapes, flowers and animals. Oh, and I love to draw mandalas… maybe I am a bit hippie.” Being highly qualified in life and earth sciences, biology, and physiology, Manon puts her knowledge to good use by creating an awesome physique that’s lead her to win a number of Bodybuilding Competitions.



After several years of dieting, training hard, and enjoying her lifestyle as bodybuilder, she’s taken part in competitions such as the Top de Colmar 2014 & 2016 where she placed 1st both times, the 2016 GP Pyrénées bodyfitness, placing 1st, and the 2014 GP Lyon where she also placed 1st.

Manon continues to work hard as a teacher, and also in the gym to increase her size, strength, and to carry on her love for all things fitness. Manon has also gained a lot of traction online where she boasts a large amount of followers who are inspired to follow in the same footsteps.


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