Women's Photography, Bodybuilding, IFBB and NPC All Have One Thing In Common: Bill Dobbins

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As Bill Dobbins’ story continues, he began to get further and further involved in the bodybuilding side of photography, in addition to his writing. I don’t know that any one could blame him. He has a career surrounded by the best physiques in the world!

As an author, he collaborated with Ken Sprague (owner of the Venice Gold’s) on the original “Gold’s Gym Weight Training Book.” Because of that book, Arnold Schwarzenegger hired him to collaborate on “Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.”  He also wrote and did the photography for  “The Women: Photographs of the Top Female Bodybuilders,” featuring collection of pictures and profiles of the top physique women.

Bill’s ties with the NPC and IFBB run deep. He was appointed, by Ben Weider, to be the first liaison to female bodybuilding. He wrote the original set of competition rules for female bodybuilding for both the IFBB and the NPC and just before the 1992 Ms. Olympia, did a major rewrite of the IFBB rules.

His work was not exclusive to the Weider magazines. He has been published in many magazines such as MuscleMag International, Women’s Physique World, Muscular Development, Flex, Muscle Elegance, Penthouse, Playboy, Newlook France, Cosmopolitan, Hustler and others.

His days have not slowed down, they have just become more focused.

“Most of my time nowadays is devoted to my website,” says Bill. “Writing, photographing, designing and maintaining a 500 meg website (and growing) is a 24/7 proposition. The Internet provides a wonderful opportunity to communicate with the whole world without having to use major media corporations as intermediaries, but the amount of work involved in incredible – especially if you are doing most of it by yourself.”

You can find exclusive Bill Dobbins work on FemaleMuscle here.

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