Shannon Courtney Interview

Shannon Courtney Interview
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This is an interview taken from a blog called Promoting Real Women.

Q: You just took third at USA’s, everyone wants to win, but for your first National show, how satisfied were you with that?
A: I was very satisfied. I look at the comparison photos and think maybe I should have gotten second, but for it being my first National show, I was very satisfied, very happy, definitely celebrated right after. I think I held my own pretty good with the seasoned girls that were out there who had done more national shows and were older. So I was pretty happy.

Q: Were you any more nervous for a National show than usual?
A: I was super excited. I had all this energy. I don’t know where I got the energy from, just adrenaline. I was super excited about it. They were making fun of me backstage cause I was acting like a little kid almost haha.

Q: Were do you think you were better for this show than previous shows?
A: I really brought a way better package as far as being a lot tighter, a lot dryer, brought in my legs like I said I would. Overall I think I really brought in a whole better package so I could hold my own against those girls. Everyone there was pretty good competition.

Q: Looking at pictures, I tried very hard to find a picture where you did not have a huge smile on your face, and did not find one, was that how you were the whole time?
A: Haha. Yeah, it’s weird, like I said I don’t know where it came from, but all of a sudden I had this energy when I got on stage. Every time it happens. I like the stage. I don’t get nervous, once I get out there I go.

Q: Even with not winning, you are the person I heard the most compliments about, does that give you extra satisfaction?
A: It does. Any kind of support, people cheering, telling me I do a great job, it fires me up even more. It got me pumped for Nationals now.

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