Rene Campbell: philosophy and physique

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Rene Campbell, female bodybuilder

Rene Campbell is awesome!

am always pushing forward, believing in myself and never giving up. I learn from every experience that presents itself and gain strength from it. I’ve been very lucky to have wonderful role models around me who have taught me valuable life lessons and enriched my life. Ive been blessed with two beautiful boys who make me realise just how precious life is. Good people are few and far between, so I treat people dear to me like precious gems. A question I get asked a lot is “Why did I start bodybuilding?”

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I had been doing triathlon and long distance running for years and at the suggestion of a friend decided to train for a bodybuilding show. I reasoned with myself that if I didn’t like it I could walk away. I was tired of the hours of cardio each day and wanted a new challenge.
A friend of mine, Darren Deane of Physiques Training at Cheetahs Gym, guided me at the beginning of my bodybuilding path. I won my first competition and was bitten by the bug and have now come to thoroughly love the bodybuilding lifestyle. In order to take my bodybuilding to a higher level I approached my current mentor and coach, IFBB Pro Harold Marillier at Forest Gym for guidance. With his help I won the title of UKBFF Ladies Physique Champion 2011. I achieved the goal I set out for myself.




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  1. Freeman  June 18, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    Damn! What a woman! I want one like her, if not her.


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