Prepare to be Dominated

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notsoweakersexFemale bodybuilders, the not so weaker sex. Men…do you remember the last time you called a woman the weaker sex? Well, despite all your time and effort in the gym, there are female goddesses roaming the planet that make your 185 pound bench press look like child’s play.

But maybe you enjoy being dominated? The thought of standing near one of these muscle goddesses sends your heart racing. And if you could be in the same room with a female bodybuilder…I know, I know…adrenalin is pumping through your veins just thinking about it.

You might joke with your friends that a muscular woman doesn’t turn you on, but deep inside, the truth is lingering – waiting to come out. You would like nothing better then to worship, and be ruled and dominated, by a muscular female bodybuilder.

The image you see is of Davina. Like to see more?

Lori Braun

Lori Braun

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0 Responses to "Prepare to be Dominated"

  1. dave  September 14, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    That’s just not hot at all, poor bottom choice. Nice muscular physique though. you could probably “dominate” me and snap me in two like a twig! I cant say I feel attracted to body builder women, but I do appreciate the work that goes into the sport. Well, basically I just don’t like seeing crack. Even on a woman that isn’t a body builder it don’t do it for me and I consider myself a hot blooded, testosterone filled, meat eating, football watching guy. I see these women with nice figures practice posing for competitions at my local golds and THAT does it for me. Maybe more of a one piece outfit with no crack and I would be like” ooo!!! nice”.

  2. Alexa  September 15, 2009 at 8:34 am

    I think that bottom is a great choice :)


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